Sit back and enjoy comfort and colour in your public spaces with the SO ACOUSTIC baffle

Baffles are essential features of auditoriums and cinemas, allowing sound waves to be distributed evenly throughout the space. Because this is so important, CLIPSO has included a powerful baffle in our range of solutions. What’s more, it’s available in a variety of different colours.

The SO ACOUSTIC baffle is the solution you need to meet your acoustic needs

Acoustic baffles have repeatedly proven their worth in environments as challenging as submarines. This is the concept which inspired the CLIPSO baffle. You’ll find them in spaces where noise is a constant issue, such as concert halls, sport venues, auditoriums and bars.

Find out more about the SO ACOUSTIC range by downloading the documentation here

For more information about baffles and the entire range of frames and shapes available from CLIPSO, make sure you visit our SO AERO collection.


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