Enjoy the comfort of public spaces with our acoustic baffles

Baffles are an essential aspect of concert halls and cinemas, ensuring sound is properly distributed throughout the room. Because they play such a vital role, we made the decision to incorporate them into our range, offering you high-performance models.

Acoustic baffles - a solution for all your acoustic needs

Acoustic baffles have already shown their worth, most notably in submarines, a concept which inspired our range of CLIPSO baffles. You will find them in locations where high noise levels are common, such as concert halls, sporting arenas, performance venues and bars.

When you first get in touch with us, our CLIPSO design office will work with you to determine your requirements using your design brief, focusing on the locations, the number required, the technical capacities, etc. This is an essential step when it comes to designing appropriate acoustic baffles.

CLIPSO acoustic speakers – much more than just a technical solution

In addition to being a functional object, baffles can also be stylish. With this in mind, what sets CLIPSO’s solutions apart is that we give you the opportunity to print your own visual, giving a decorative touch to the speaker and ensuring it fits perfectly with your décor.

What makes our speakers so appealing is the speed and simplicity of their installation, with just a few hours needed to set them up. Immediately after installation, visitors will be able to appreciate the new acoustics through the magic of CLIPSO.

Find out more about the SO ACOUSTIC range by downloading the documentation here


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