SO COLOR - Coloured ceilings

Brighten up your interior spaces with CLIPSO coloured stretch ceilings

If you want an original, innovative solution, you need access to a wide range of colours. With CLIPSO coloured fabrics, we have more than fifty colours available.

What are the benefits of a coloured ceiling?

Windows, beams, mouldings, ventilation; redesign projects or entirely new constructions - stretch fabrics can be adapted for use with all configurations and all projects. All you need to do is to find the right colours for you and your project.

In addition to the CLIPSO colour chart, you can also make your choice from the Pantone colour range, where hundreds more colours are available. Once you have made your choice, the installer will provide CLIPSO with the reference and production can get started (either coated or printed, depending on the quantity).

Installation will always be carried out by a professional from our CLIPSO network, who will contact you once you have supplied your contact details. Advice, measurements, quotes, installing the stretch ceiling itself – this specialist will guide you through the entire process of your project becoming reality, from start to finish.

With the cold-installation process completed, you will now have an impeccably fitted stretch ceiling. All that’s left to do is to stand back and admire the colourful touch of your new design.

Who are our coloured ceiling covers designed for?

Stretch covers can be fitted in all types of professional premises and all types of homes. As far as we are concerned, all clients should have access to our entire range of products, with CLIPSO guaranteeing quality, regardless of the size of the project

Coloured ceilings for businesses

Coloured stretch ceilings are unrivalled when it comes to restaurants and offices, replacing older, somewhat outdated covers with a more technically advanced solution. In addition to giving a fresh look to your design, they also bring a range of other technical features, including acoustics, making rooms much more welcoming.

Coloured ceilings for individual clients

Our coloured ceilings are just as popular with our individual clients. With soft or bright shades, they transform rooms and can be quickly changed or kept for several years, while also making it easy to fit lights (ceiling lights, spotlights, etc.) or any other type of equipment (chimney ducts, smoke detectors, etc.).

What sets our coloured stretch ceilings apart is the range of colours available, allowing you to create rooms with character, designed in a way that matches your identity. With bold colours, our covers become the focal point of your rooms. Opt for something more understated, meanwhile, and your cover will simply blend into the background. The simplicity of installation means you will quickly be able to get back to normal, without any disruption being caused. And if you can’t halt business during fitting, that’s not a problem – we will do what we can to minimise any disturbances during the installation process. That is what we call the CLIPSO’s efficiency.

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