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Get ready to fall under the spell of our starlit frames

You can now give a sense of texture to your spaces with our range of CLIPSO frames. Suitable for use on walls and ceilings, they are the perfect solution when it comes to redesigning your interior space. Why not choose a personal photo or one from our CLIPSO collection? What about a masterpiece by a famous painter or a simple colour solution, perhaps? Alternatively, maybe you would rather ignore all of these options and go for backlighting. Whatever you choose, any of these options can be adapted to suit your décor. Time to get imagining.

CLIPSO starlit frames

CLIPSO frames are modern, stylish shapes that come in range of sizes and which can be fitted wherever suits you. Whether suspended from the ceiling or attached to the wall, they are sure to breathe new life into your interior spaces.

And yet, private spaces are not the only places where you can use our suspended frames, with companies and public establishments often opting to employ them. Whether square, rectangular or triangular, or in the shape of a wave or a cloud, our frames can do it all. All the features you would expect with our stretch covers are available, including acoustic, translucent, coloured, printed and antibacterial, allowing you to combine style and functionality.

Choosing frames for your spaces is synonymous with style, with your ceiling becoming the focal point of the room thanks to our starlit frames. Restaurants become more welcoming with printed frames on the walls, while halls are more inviting with backlit frames on the ceiling. What will you opt for with our CLIPSO starlit frames?

Put art in the spotlight with your own CLIPSO tableau

Tableaux provide gateways to other worlds. With the collaboration between CLIPSO and the national museum network and their collection of artists, you now have the option of having one of your own in a size that suits you. Whether it’s in a lounge, an office or even an architect’s studio, these masterpieces are sure to find a place.

To design your tableau, CLIPSO will print your choice of duplicate on one of our covers. Everything can be customised, from the image (choice of visual, colour selection) to the dimensions, with our Design department on-hand to provide you with their support and expertise.

Reinvent your interior design with our CLIPSO frames and tableaux and opt for an innovative, stylish solution with a variety of hidden features (acoustic, translucent, antibacterial). The lines between style and functionality have never been so blurred.

SO EVENT Creations

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