A stand made for volume arouses visitor curiosity.


CLIPSO designed a completely new stand, experimenting with volume, to welcome its visitors. Two huge white ceilings, measuring 9m by 5m, were separated by a suspended light feature. Our aim was to create new 3D architectural shapes to highlight CLIPSO’s technical expertise. The spiral light feature, with its unique shape and black, grey, red and white coverings in line with CLIPSO’s colour scheme, also added to the stand’s originality.

About the project

Project : CLIPSO Stand, BATIMAT
Date: November 2011
Country: Paris, France
Fitter: CLIPSO
Designer: Amadou THIAM
Photographer: Kim NGUYEN
Website: www.clipso.com

The curved wall with a printed leaf covering (behind the reception counter) and the suspended acoustic frame in the shape of a cloud (in the VIP zone) are fine examples of CLIPSO applications.

To be in harmony with the theme of the 2011 BATIMAT trade fair, CLIPSO created the decor of its stand around the theme of nature and sustainable development. The printed coverings conjure up images of the great outdoors, including forests, waterfalls, grass, poppies, clouds etc.