High-quality certified and labelled stretch covers

CLIPSO offers stretch fabrics that comply with all French, European and international standards. With a strict design brief and an ISO 9001 certified production process, CLIPSO stretch fabrics have obtained a range of labels and certifications, including CE Marking, the A+ certification. CLIPSO are also developing increasingly environmentally friendly products.


Greenguard Gold is an international certification for indoor products and materials. It guarantees that certified products respect the more stringent emission thresholds for pollutants (Volatile Organic Compounds - VOCs) in indoor air, and therefore can not affect sensitive people (children, sick people, etc.).

CLIPSO got the ISO 9001 certification  ISO 9001 certification

ISO 9001 certification is granted to companies who make a daily commitment to client satisfaction. The aim of this certification is to provide recognition for control as well as efforts undertaken aimed at pursuing quality, improved products and management involvement. This certification deals with both manufacturing and training for installations as well as the sale of stretch covers.

CE markingCE marking

This mandatory marking covers products which are compliant with a strict set of standards with regards to health and safety. CLIPSO covers have successfully passed these tests, allowing them to be marketed across the European single market.

A+ certification for interior air emissionsA+ certification for interior air emissions

This certification attests that CLIPSO covers do not emit any volatile organic compounds (COV) into interior air, guaranteeing safe products for consumers. CLIPSO were one of the first companies to obtain this certification, a long time before it was made a requirement. CLIPSO go above and beyond this certification, with a range of other standards being met (CMR, Breeam, etc.)

Sanitized certificationSanitized certification

The Sanitized certification is designed to recognise the antimicrobial and anti-mould properties of the 705 AB stretch fabric, which will also be applicable from 2018 onwards for our 495 D AB covers (acoustics) and 308 T AB covers (translucent). These covers are treated using a product called Sanitized, a fungicide designed to provide sustainable protection against the development of mould and bacteria.

OMI certificationOMI certification

This certification is specific to pleasure boats, cruise liners, etc and relates to the fire-resistant properties of our CLIPSO covers. A range of flammability, toxicity and smoke tests were carried out prior to this certification being awarded. The toxicity tests ensure that these stretch fabric covers are safe for use in all environments.

French GeniusesFrench Geniuses

The "Génies Français" (French Geniuses) brings together key players in the housing sector whose ambition is to develop new solutions and services that meet the current needs of consumers. The association brings together visionary companies in the field of design, layout and living spaces. With its made in France products incorporating the latest innovations in acoustics, design and lighting, CLIPSO is a major partner of the "French Geniuses".

QUALIOPI certification for it’s training activity

QUALIOPI certification

CLIPSO has obtained QUALIOPI certification for it’s training activity, a national label that attests to the quality of the training process implemented by the group. In order to be certified, 7 criteria and 32 indicators must be met, particularly with regard to the teaching methods used and the qualifications of the trainers. QUALIOPI certification thus aims to create a guarantee of quality in the training sector.

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