Find the right fabric for your communication needs

In the world of communication and advertising, originality and creativity are essential, meaning you need communication media tailored to your ideas. Guided by this principle, CLIPSO has developed a new range of stretch fabrics, the Eventex range, ensuring you are able to achieve your goals.

Eventex stretch fabrics – for all your communication and advertising campaigns

The aim: drawing attention to your communication operations and your advertising campaigns. Eventex is a versatile fabric or cover solution, which can be adapted to suit your needs and used for billboard displays, banners, frames, totems, point of sale advertising, stands…the list goes on.

CLIPSO stretch fabrics let you enter a world where customisation is everything. Eventex stretch fabrics provide transparency through light play and illusions using printing.
Eventex fabrics are perfect for all your communication needs.

Find the right fabric for your communication needsFind the right fabric for your communication needs

A wide range of possibilities with CLIPSO solutions

CLIPSO strives to push our concept as far as possible by offering you a wide range of features, each bringing something different to the table. Take our acoustic range, for example, which makes shops and restaurants more attractive to visit and less stressful for both customers and employees. Or our translucent range, which will ensure all eyes are on your products, while the lights draw attention to your communication media. As for our printed range, these fabrics will transform shop windows and interiors, turning them into highly stylish spaces.

Placing your trust in CLIPSO products means access to extensive levels of expertise, enabling you to design and develop unique atmospheres in your showrooms and shops. Give your customers a one-of-a-kind experience, something they won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Just use your imagination!

For more information on already completed stretch fabric projects, take a look at our special page. But these projects are just a glimpse of the endless possibilities on offer with CLIPSO stretch fabrics. It’s time to be bold. It’s time for innovation.

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