Discover the canvas you need for your communications!

In the world of communications and advertising, originality and creativity are essential. You therefore need a support that adapts to your ideas. CLIPSO has developed a new stretch covering for you, Eventex, which allows you to achieve your communications objectives effectively.

A stretch covering to enhance your message

The aim is to highlight your communications and advertising operations. With Eventex, take advantage of a versatile covering that adapts to all your needs! Eventex can be used for display campaigns, banners, wall frames, totems, POS displays and stands etc.

With CLIPSO stretch coverings, you enter a world where customisation is at the heart of everything! The Eventex stretch canvas allows you to use transparency for light effects or to create a trompe-l’œil thanks to printing. It’s ideal for your communications!

Find the right fabric for your communication needsFind the right fabric for your communication needs

CLIPSO solutions open up the field of possibilities

CLIPSO takes its concept one step further by offering you a wide range of features that make all the difference. Acoustics, for example, transform the experience in shops and restaurants by eliminating unwanted noise. Translucent coverings highlight your products, while lighting draws the eye to your communications materials. Printed material turns windows and interiors into real decor.

By choosing CLIPSO products, you gain access to extensive know-how. You can then think up and design unique atmospheres in your showrooms and shops. The idea is to draw in your customers to immerse themselves in a special atmosphere and to enjoy extraordinary experiences. All you have to do is imagine!

To find out more and to see examples of what has already been done, visit the dedicated page. These projects are just a taste of the endless possibilities offered by CLIPSO stretch fabrics. Don’t hesitate to be bold and innovative!

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