The guarantee of a high-performance acoustic covering

As a specialist in the treatment of noise pollution, are you looking for an innovative solution to combat this daily nuisance? Good acoustics are not a matter of chance and require the know-how and expertise that CLIPSO is able to provide.

Choose high-quality acoustic covers for your project

A stretch fabric designed for acoustics

CLIPSO has developed a global concept for stretch ceilings and walls that produces good acoustics and aesthetics in your surroundings. The result is a source of daily comfort and well-being. Perfectly designed to meet the requirements of regulations, acoustic performance and architectural criteria, these stretch fabrics can be adapted to all types of spaces.

Recognised performance

Whether for public or private spaces, the CLIPSO group is regularly asked to work on various projects (airports, stadiums and offices etc.) thanks to its expertise in acoustic treatment. Combined with a wadding or foam absorbent, these acoustic coverings make it possible to control sound reverberation in any interior space.

CLIPSO coverings and the numerous implementation options allow you to optimise the acoustic performance of your walls and ceilings, and even more besides.

Adaptation to any space

Thanks to its system of sections, the CLIPSO acoustic covering can be adapted to almost any shape and allows for all types of installations beyond acoustic stretch walls and ceilings. From acoustic baffles to suspended tiles, wall frames, screens, lightboxes, suspended ceilings and sliding walls, CLIPSO meets all your requirements.

A fully customised stretch fabric

The CLIPSO range of acoustic stretch coverings for walls and ceilings combines functionality, aesthetics and ease of installation. Available in almost 30 trendy and natural colours, it’s perfectly suited to your surroundings, both in new builds and renovations.

You can also combine a stylish and personalised atmosphere with high-performance solutions by choosing digital printing. Your daily surroundings are immediately nicer. What’s more, once printed, the stretch coverings retain all their acoustic characteristics.

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