SO ACOUSTIC - Colourful acoustic ceiling

Damp down your noise levels and brighten up your interiors with our colourful acoustic fabrics!

Noise pollution is now a recognised hazard for human health. It is essential that you work to combat this problem when building a new space or renovating an existing one. With the SO ACOUSTIC solutions, the situation is under control!

Improved acoustic performance: an essential requirement for every interior

Some public spaces, such as shopping centres, see thousands of people come and go every day. These open-space type interiors are constantly full of people, meeting and going about their business.

Excessive noise can be extremely unpleasant for the people using these spaces, so it is essential that the sounds generated are properly absorbed. The interior design and architecture must take acoustics into consideration as a key element of their design. From the shape of the spaces to the materials cladding them, nothing can be left to chance.

In private homes, noise can come from many different sources. Most frequently from conversations, the TV and children laughing and crying, this joyful cacophony can easily run out of control. This is why you need to act early: with the structure of the interior spaces, the coverings used and more. This is a crucial aspect, and must be taken into consideration when building or renovating your space.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to add a splash of colour, too! From chalk to slate and chestnut, we have a wide range of colours to choose from. It’s the perfect blend of form and function.

A colourful acoustic ceiling is the ideal, elegant solution for any noisy room in your home

Our stretched acoustic fabrics have been designed with one objective in mind: to absorb sounds and reduce reverberation. By combining the covering with the absorbent layer, you can take 6 seconds off the reverberation rate. The acoustic comfort speaks volumes!

This is why the SO ACOUSTIC coverings are so popular in restaurants, airports, cinemas, businesses, shops and hotels. Their technical characteristics make them a great solution for private spaces too, such as apartments and residential houses. Wherever they’re installed, these stretched acoustic ceilings provide exceptional acoustic comfort!

Noisy interiors will be nothing but a memory with these solutions. They guarantee peace, quiet and comfort in any space. With a range of different colours on offer, why not take the opportunity to brighten up your interiors and combine form with elegant function? Now’s the perfect time to bring a colourful acoustic solution into your space!

Find out more about the SO ACOUSTIC range by downloading the documentation here


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