SO ACOUSTIC - Acoustic ceilings

Silence noise with our acoustic ceilings

Noise pollution is now clearly recognised as being a public health issue. This means that it is something which must be taken into consideration when it comes to designing or renovating an interior space. With CLIPSO’s acoustic solutions, we have it under control.

Enhanced acoustic performance for all interior spaces

Some public spaces, such as shopping centres, for example, see thousands of people pass through them every day. Open-space locations are places where people are constantly meeting and talking.

To avoid noise disruption, which can become extremely irritating for people using these spaces, it is essential to ensure that sounds are properly absorbed.
A great deal of thought needs to go into designing these spaces in order to effectively deal with the acoustics. From the shape of the spaces themselves to the materials used in decoration, nothing should be left to chance.

In a home, there are number of causes of noise on a daily basis. Generally caused by conversations, background noise from the television or children laughing and shouting, this cacophony can sometimes get out of control. To deal with this, work needs to be carried out in advance, particularly with regards to how the rooms are designed and the types of covers used. This is an essential aspect for any construction or renovation project.

Acoustic ceilings - the ideal solution for all noisy rooms

Acoustic stretch fabrics were designed with one goal in mind: to absorb sound and to reduce the reverberations it causes. The combination of the cover and the absorbent material used helps reduce the reverberation rate by 6 seconds - the sort of acoustic performance that speaks for itself.

This is why CLIPSO fabrics are so highly thought of in restaurants, airports, cinemas, businesses, shops and hotels. Yet their technical characteristics mean they can also be adapted for use in private spaces such as flats and houses. No matter where you want to install them, you are guaranteed excellent acoustic performance with our acoustic stretch ceilings.

With our solutions, noise pollution will be a thing of the past, allowing you to make the most of your interior spaces. Could our acoustic solutions be the right solution for you?

Find out more about the SO ACOUSTIC range by downloading the documentation here


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