Create an unforgettable customer experience with CLIPSO stretch fabrics

Thousands of customers visit shopping centres each day with the crowds moving from shop to shop creating echoes and a constant hum. In order to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone, it is essential to have proper control over the acoustics of your space. Aside from managing the acoustics, specific attention must also be paid to the lighting – a bright setting is vital, with no areas hidden in the shadows.

The versatility of CLIPSO stretch ceilings and walls means they are more than capable of meeting all of these challenges. From the support itself (frames, chambers, partitions, ceilings, walls) to the visuals (colours, printing), stretch walls and ceilings can be customised in an infinite number of ways, and are capable of meeting any expectations. They allow you to create exactly the right atmosphere, while keeping things simple, while our cold fitting procedure keeps dust and disruption to a minimum.

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