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Choosing CLIPSO means choosing quality. CLIPSO, has set up a quality policy which covers the entire manufacturing process. All our fabrics, with no exceptions, are tracked by CLIPSO teams. By focusing on the quality of our products, we only have one aim: full client satisfaction.
CLIPSO is so confident about the quality of its products that all our fabrics come with a 10-years warranty.

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The quality of our process for manufacturing our stretch fabrics has already proved its worth, having obtained ISO 9001 certification. Getting to this stage involved reviewing our entire manufacturing, marketing and training process. This certification proves how committed our company is with regards to each stage of product development and compliance.

CLIPSO has taken things one step further by implementing full traceability for all its fabrics. Thanks to our batch number system, we are able to track our rolls and each fabric cover sold, from manufacturing right through to installation, allowing us to identify any potential manufacturing issues and to take the necessary precautions. As far as our after-sales service is concerned, any fabrics identified as containing defects are inspected and tested until the origin of the defect has been identified. All part of our commitment to constantly seek to improve the quality of our fabric covers.

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CLIPSO is so confident about the reliability of its fabrics that all its products come with a 10-years warranty, which covers any manufacturing defects and a replacement fabric will be supplied where necessary. Details of this can be found in our General Sales Conditions.

Despite all the attention we pay when it comes to our manufacturing process, problems can and do occur. A specific procedure is put in place when the warranty comes into effect, which involves assessing the environment and analysing the cover itself, and even going as far as to investigating the compliance of the product’s installation.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. This focus is part of our innovation and development strategy, with everything geared towards providing increasingly durable covers that are adapted to your needs.
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