CLIPSO, an innovative concept for stretch walls and ceilings

From conception, CLIPSO stretch fabric was designed to be used in all locations - professional environments, public spaces, housing – as well as all situations: new buildings, renovations or decoration projects.
This flexibility continues to grow on a daily basis, with new standards introduced and new projects set up. In order to continue to meet all expectations, at CLIPSO we ensure high technical performance and ease of installation for all our covers.

High-quality stretch fabrics with a wide range of possibilities

Depending on the environment - ambitious undertakings or institutional and event-based communications - projects take on new life with CLIPSO covers. Stretch ceilings, acoustic panels, stretch partitions or walls – all installations have their own advantages, leading to transformed interiors.

High-quality stretch fabrics with a wide range of possibilities

High-performance profiles

Developed by CLIPSO, our profiles are compatible with all shapes. Air conditioning systems, beams, Catherine windows or even all kind of lights can be easily integrated into the final installation, ensuring stylish results. They are designed for use with ceilings, walls and bespoke shapes (chambers, panels, partitions, frames, etc.).

The range of possibilities offered by stretch fabrics, combined with high-performance profiles means an infinite range of possibilities. There is a CLIPSO solution for every project.

Our profiles are compatible with all shapes

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