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Since the first CLIPSO flooring was put on the market, it has become essential to set up a network of qualified professionals trained in the cold installation technique. Using competent professionals ensures that customers receive high-quality installation and impeccable finishes.

How does the training work?

Training is essential to be able to buy and install CLIPSO flooring. The basic course (level 1) takes place over two days.

It includes a maximum of six students and includes:

  • Theoretical training on the entire range of coverings and sections
  • Simulation of the cold installation of stretch ceilings and walls
  • Learning the techniques for laying on corners, integrating hatches, lighting and other shapes
  • Know-how and tips for different work site layouts
  • The arguments and specificities of CLIPSO ceilings and walls

The training takes place in a specially designed area, training up participants to install with a maximum number of set-ups and applications. This allows the installers to acquire the techniques in the best conditions, while benefiting from the sound and personalised advice of a trainer.

Price as of 22/03/2017: 650 euros (excl. VAT) per person. This includes the educational course, practical installation exercises, educational material, a ‘starter pack’ toolbox, the sample case of lights and lunches.

Contact CLIPSO for future training dates.

CLIPSO, your approved installation school

By offering this training, CLIPSO helps installers with their everyday work by making it easier. It enables each professional to better understand their products, while mastering cold installation techniques. CLIPSO also provides training in the latest particularities of coverings.

After this training and the completion of your first projects, you join the network of installers. You then receive your personal certificate and become one of the guarantors of CLIPSO quality.

Everything you need to know about the training

Who is this training course in the installation of stretch flooring designed for?
The course is designed for all installers or tradespeople who wish to develop their business and open up new opportunities. CLIPSO also trains company employees who want to improve their qualifications.

How do I register for the course?
Simply complete the form. CLIPSO’s staff will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of the details and the training schedule.

How can I get more information about the training course?
Don’t hesitate to contact CLIPSO using the form.

Where does the training take place?
The training takes place at CLIPSO’s site in the commune of Vieux-Thann (Haut-Rhin), in a specially equipped area. In certain cases and circumstances, the trainer can come to your company to teach your teams all the techniques.

Why do the CLIPSO training course?
This training course offers you a number of benefits. You can find them on the page “Why become a CLIPSO installer?”.

This training course on installing stretch walls and ceilings was designed for you and with you. It will evolve according to your feedback and new techniques. CLIPSO wants to give you every opportunity to install coverings quickly and efficiently. The aim is to enable you to achieve exceptional installation standards to ensure total customer satisfaction.

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