Everything you need to know about CLIPSO covers

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1 - Institutional brochure

CLIPSO coverings participate in the realization of very beautiful projects. Quality is recognized and inspires the most creative minds.
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2 - CLIPSO presentation

CLIPSO is an international group, with a global presence thanks to our network of installers. We are a French manufacturer and have been a player on the stretch ceiling market since 1997.
For everything you could possibly want to know with regards to the history of the company, our concept, the advantages of choosing our products and details of our commitments, download the full presentation here.

3 - Portfolio

Since 1997, CLIPSO ceilings and walls coverings have proved their worth at an international level, playing a vital role in the development of a range of renovation and design projects.
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4 - Product documentation


If you want to be able to effectively manage the acoustics of an interior space, you need adapted installations. In shopping centres, creches or cinemas, sounds and echoes can become a real nuisance for people using these spaces. Optimise your acoustics with CLIPSO Sound solutions.
Discover more about the SO ACOUSTIC range by downloading here


LEDs, spotlights, optical fiber and backlighting are all decorative solutions for illuminating your interiors.
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From standard to tailor-made, you combine technology and design with lightweight, robust and durable aluminum shapes and structures. Beautiful aerial forms can be realized; hanging frames, acoustic baffles, wall frames, paintings, etc.
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Printed ceilings and walls are part of CLIPSO’s expertise, meaning you can choose the image you wish to print on your stretch cover or fabric.
Find out more about the SO DECO range by downloading here


The antibacterial covering for specific hygiene-sensitive environments.
Download the brochure and find out our solutions for clean walls and ceilings.

5 - Renovation documentation

Innovation is central to the CLIPSO process, meaning textile stretch fabrics are suitable for use in all situations, including new developments and renovation projects, with designs ranging from classic to contemporary.
Find out more about Renovation by downloading here

6 - 10 Thematic Documentations

Puisque les méthodes de construction évoluent, CLIPSO tient à assuConstruction methods are constantly changing: wooden frames, containers, etc. Whatever the structure, contractors know that they can count on CLIPSO for the practicality and efficiency of how our products are fitted, appreciating the flexibility that is synonymous with the decorative design of CLIPSO stretch fabrics.

1 - Modular construction

2 - Wellness areas

3 - Commercial areas

4 - Media areas

5 - Medical areas

6 - Nautical spaces

7 - Residential areas

8 - Hotels & Restaurants

9 - Public areas

10 - Tertiary

7 - Cover colour chart

In order to cater for all tastes, CLIPSO continues to expand its colour range, meaning we can offer a range fully capable of meeting individual needs and expectations.
Discover our color chart by downloading here

Accredited installers and architects can access CLIPSO’s technical guide for stretch walls and ceilings and printed covers. Simply login to your MyCLIPSO.

Keen to take things further? Write to CLIPSO, leave your details and one of our advisors will contact you as soon as possible.

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