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Over the past two decades, CLIPSO’s solutions have continued to develop. Today, we now offer a full range of fabrics, including acoustic, translucent, coloured and special options, to which prints can be added. With regards to fitting, patented and tested profiles have been developed. Ceilings, walls and rooms in general have never looked so good!

CLIPSO – stretch fabrics capable of meeting all requirementsCLIPSO – stretch fabrics capable of meeting all requirements

At CLIPSO, our main aim was to offer a way of fitting our fabrics at room temperature, so as to help contribute to protecting the planet and making people comfortable. It was only after reaching this goal that we decided to expand our design brief, including a wider choice of fabrics, a wider field of application and enhanced technical features, opening up a range of possibilities.

It became essential to find a way to offer stretch fabrics to everyone.
We now offer 6 categories of fabrics:

  • Standard fabrics: a simple way to renovate each of your rooms
  • Acoustic fabrics: ensure high-quality acoustics in noisy environments
  • Coloured fabrics: add a decorative touch to your interiors
  • Translucent fabrics: designed to bring in light and to create bespoke luminous shapes
  • Special fabrics: designed for environments with particular demands (hygiene, cleanliness, etc.)
  • Sequined fabrics: designed to add a touch of magic and wonder to your spaces

CLIPSO fabrics meet applicable standards and quality criteria, whether this is in regards to weight, tear-resistance, moisture-resistance, fire-resistance or environmental protection. Our stretch fabrics are designed extra wide (5m10), making them an ideal solution for large rooms. Designed using coated polyester stitching, these products are solid and highly-resistant.

Profiles specially-designed to make your concepts reality

CLIPSO profiles are designed in such a way so as to meet all requirements, breathing life into the most original ideas, including stretch walls, stretch ceilings, screens, frames, floating ceilings, slabs, chambers, totems, point of sales advertising, ceiling islands, etc. Choose based on the fixing technique (hook-and-eye fastening, screws) or based on the material:

  • PVC: PVC profiles are easy to fit, regardless of the support being used, making it easy to renovate and decorate a range of textile stretch fabrics.
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene): a compound material, it is used in the same way as PVC, only it is much lighter.
  • Aluminium: this offers a solid structure for all complex shapes and for certain wall and ceiling configurations. A responsible and recyclable product, aluminium is also highly-resistant.

Our profiles are required for fitting stretch ceilings and walls or building shapes, but once the work is completed, they are practically invisible.

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