Genuine professional support throughout your project

Are your ceilings or walls out of date? Do you want to make a change without having to undertake major work? CLIPSO products are here for you! The brand’s stretch ceilings and walls make it easy to transform your interior. From printing to colour and light, the possibilities are endless to enhance your home and decor.

Make your new construction or renovation project a reality with CLIPSO

A varied choice of ceiling and wall coverings

Attentive to your needs, CLIPSO offers you a varied range of coverings. Each fabric is designed to meet a specific need:

  • Standard: sobriety and elegance are the order of the day. Four shades mean you can give your home a new look.
  • Acoustic: this covering is ideal for rooms where the whole family gathers together. Whether on the ceiling or wall, it offers better acoustics and is available in twenty different colours.
  • Translucent: from the living room to the bedroom, this gives your rooms a soft light.
  • Specific: on the wall or ceiling, this sparkly covering has a nice little effect.
  • Antibacterial: whether in the bathroom or kitchen, this covering prevents the growth of bacteria and mould.

Most of these coverings can also be printed with a personal photo or a photo from the CLIPSO collections. As a headboard or on the ceiling, this option makes your interior unique. More durable, refined and customisable than stickers, printed coverings complement your decor nicely.

A trusted installer to guide you

From the moment you first contact us, CLIPSO will put you in touch with your nearest installer in the network. Selected with complete confidence and professionalism, the installer has undergone CLIPSO training, which guarantees a high-quality service and is required to benefit from the CLIPSO product guarantee.

They act as your direct point of contact and save you from all the formalities by taking care of the estimate, technical questions and installation. From the choice of fabric to the installation, your installer guides you so you get the best possible service.

Steps to follow in the realisation of your project

You’ve decided to entrust a professional to carry out your project. However, the procedure is not always easy to understand. CLIPSO uses its network to make your project easier by taking charge of each stage. From the very first contact, you will be informed and guided until you achieve the final result.

  1. Does your living room need a facelift?
    Cracks, stains, peeling wallpaper... your living room’s ceiling and walls need a quick refresh. You not only want to renovate your walls and ceilings, but also modernise your decor. You’re looking for a quick and easy solution.
  2. You’re looking for the perfect solution
    You’re lost in the midst of all the options, from wallpaper to panelling and paint. Look no further! CLIPSO stretch walls and ceilings meet all your needs. Contact CLIPSO and they will put you in touch with an approved installer to carry out your project.
  3. CLIPSO finds the installer closest to you
    Within 48 hours, an approved installer from the network will contact you.
    They will invite you to come and see CLIPSO stretch coverings and to review your renovation project. You will come home with concrete ideas!
  4. ​You get a quote
    The approved installer comes to your home to assess the situation.
    They will take the necessary measurements to prepare the installation material and quickly draw up your estimate.
  5. You give your approval
    The big day has arrived! The installer arrives with the material, the chosen coverings and the sections.
  6. The installer starts installing the stretch ceilings and walls
    Thanks to the cold and dry installation technique, you don’t need to move your furniture or protect your floor. The renovation work is done quickly, while keeping the room clean, hygienic and odour-free.
  7. The final result is here!
    ​It’s time to admire the installer’s work: your living room is now a real living space where you feel at ease. The spotlights in the ceiling make the room brighter and more contemporary. The covering used also personalises your interior.

Let your installer help you bring your ideas to life! By choosing CLIPSO stretch coverings, you also benefit from a 10-year guarantee and quality monitoring.

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