Make your new construction or renovation project a reality with CLIPSO

Are your walls or ceilings starting to look a bit worse for wear? Are you looking to change things up? Time to get the ball rolling! With CLIPSO stretch ceilings or walls, it is easy and simple to transform your interior space. Printing, colour, light – nothing is impossible when it comes to reinventing your space and bringing the best out of your decoration. Place your trust in our CLIPSO installers.

Make your new construction or renovation project a reality with CLIPSO

A wide range of covers for ceilings and walls

CLIPSO pays close attention to your requirements, providing you with a wide range of covers. Each fabric is designed to meet a specific need:

  • standard: where simplicity and elegance is the order of the day. A choice of 4 shades will help give a fresh look to your home.
  • acoustic: these covers are ideal for rooms where the whole family comes together. Whether on the ceiling or on the wall, they offer the best possible acoustic performance. Also available in more than twenty colours.
  • coloured: numerous colours to bring out the best of your rooms. A perfect alternative to paint or wallpaper, you can renovate in just one go.
  • translucent: whether in the living room or in the bedroom, these covers will provide a soft light for your rooms.
  • sequined: whether on the wall or on the ceiling, our sequined covers are sure to stand out
  • antibacterial: whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, these covers prevent the spread of bacteria or moisture.

The majority of these covers can also be printed. This option lets you print a personal photo in any size you like. Whether used for your headboard or on the ceiling, they are sure to give a unique touch to your interior space. Providing enhanced durability compared to stickers, while also being more refined and more customisable, these printed covers are the perfect finishing touch for your design project.

Make your project a reality with a trusted installer

From the moment you first get in touch, CLIPSO will put you in contact with the closest possible accredited installer from our network, someone who we will be more than happy to place all our trust in with regards to the execution of your project. They will have undertaken CLISPO training, a high-quality, mandatory service for personnel looking to benefit from CLIPSO product guarantees.

They will be your direct point of contact, saving you time by taking care of the quotes, technical questions and installation. From the choice of fabric right through to fitting, they will be your guide, providing you with the highest possible levels of service.

The steps to follow to ensure your project runs smoothly

So, you’ve decided to place your project in the hands of a professional. However, the procedure itself is not always easy to get to grips with. With our network, CLIPSO can help streamline your project by taking control of each step. Beginning with initial contact, we will provide you with the support and guidance you need for your dreams to become reality.

  1. Does your living room need a new lease of life?
    Cracks, rings, peeling wallpaper – the walls and ceilings of your living room need touching up and fast. But you don’t want to just renovate your walls and ceilings, you also want to modernise your décor. You want a quick and hassle-free solution.
  2. You want the perfect solution
    You’re lost in a sea of possibilities: wallpaper, panelling, paint…look no further! CLIPSO stretch walls and ceilings are just what you’ve been looking for. Contact us and CLIPSO will put you in touch with an accredited installer to carry out your project.
  3. Find the closest installer to you
    Within 48 hours, an accredited installer from the CLIPSO network will get in touch with you. They will invite you to come and discover CLIPSO’s range of stretch covers and to study your renovation plans, putting the meat on the bones of your project.
  4. We give you a quote
    The CLIPSO accredited installer will visit your home to carry out a work assessment. They will take the measurements they need to prepare the fitting materials and will quickly draw you up a quote.
  5. You give the green light
    The big day is here! The installer will arrive with the materials they need, including a toolbox, the covers themselves and the profiles.
  6. The installer will start fitting the stretch ceilings and walls
    The efficiency of the cold and dry fitting technique means you will not need to move your furniture or protect your flooring. The renovation process is quick and easy, leaving your room clean, tidy and odour-free.
  7. The job is done!
    Now it’s time to stand back and admire the work of your installer: your lounge will become a real living space where you will feel totally at ease. The spotlights built in to the ceiling will give the room a bright, contemporary feel, while the cover used will personalise your interior space.

Use your own imagination and the installer’s expertise to come up with your perfect design. After all, you’re dealing with professionals who know their products inside out. Opting for CLIPSO stretch covers also means a 10-year warranty and quality tracking. So, what are you waiting for? Choose CLIPSO today.

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