The values behind CLIPSO

In order to become the world-renowned business to date, CLIPSO built on a strong set of values. Without ever losing sight of these, we have made improvements as a business in order to focus on our main goal: client satisfaction. For every decision made by CLIPSO, we remain faithful to our principles and our values, which we consider to be the driving force behind our development. Innovation, quality, being close to our clients and respecting the environment are the four pillars of the company’s history.

Innovation - at the heart of our manufacturing processesInnovation - at the heart of our manufacturing processes

Innovation is all about being bold, which is why CLIPSO has never stopped developing its ranges in order to improve its products. Paying close attention to new trends and client expectations, CLIPSO has created fabrics with advanced technical properties such as its Acoustic, Antibacterial, Coloured and Digital printing ranges.
Striving to always find the best way to meet each requirement, no matter the location, its configuration or the client’s design brief, CLIPSO looks at each challenge as an opportunity to seize in order to develop its products and to come up with ever-more customisable solutions.

The quality of our stretch fabrics is what matters most

In order to ensure the quality of its fabrics, CLIPSO is in full control over the manufacturing process, from start to finish. Produced in the heart of the Alsace region, its fabrics undergo a rigorous manufacturing process, guaranteeing quality at every step. Our manufacturing experience coupled with our expertise are what enable us to supply our clients with reliable, long-lasting products.

Being close to our clients is essential to our progress

By working closely with our global network of installers, CLIPSO maintains this essential proximity with our employees, ensuring high levels of consistency when it comes to the final product. This proximity, in addition to helping to build a quality network, gives everyone the opportunity to progress by drawing on the knowledge, the expertise and the experience of their colleagues.

We make respecting the environment a priority

At CLIPSO, respecting the environment is one of our essential values. From the outset, we made the decision to focus on this aspect when it came to manufacturing our fabrics.
We work tirelessly in this area in order to offer stylish stretch covers with minimal environmental impact, from manufacturing right through to installation.

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