CLIPSO’s design office – providing you with our unique expertise!

Our design office is central to how our company operates, acting in advance of projects requiring specific technical expertise in order to evaluate their feasibility. Thanks to our design office, we are capable of designing bespoke aluminium structures, which can be adapted for use in any environment.

Technical expertise to support you with your bespoke projects

Our design office will work on any project you may have requiring bespoke installation solutions, providing technical support and allowing you to determine the most appropriate option for you. With a design office working in close collaboration with our network of installers, we can help any project become reality

Step 1
CLIPSO begins by contacting the installer in charge of the project (or possibly the client) in order to identify their requirements and to develop an understanding of the design brief.

Step 2
Working with the installer, CLIPSO will consider the current configuration, including the layout of the space, how it is used and any issues encountered

This particular example involves a building used as a rehearsal space for an orchestra. The issue was insufficient acoustic performance, resulting from the types of material used to design the room (concrete and glass).

Step 3
Following an extensive assessment with the help of a team of sound technicians (DBI), our design office were able to offer a suitable solution.

In this instance, our design office offered acoustic frames that could be incorporated into the room’s existing structure. After reaching an agreement with the client, the acoustic frames, which had been colour-customised, were fitted, with these structures making it possible to cut noise pollution in half.

Our department can help with any project you may have

Some complex projects require feasibility studies to be carried out. At CLIPSO, our teams will take the needs and special requirements of your project into consideration, basing their analysis on the plans, technical demands, detailed specifications and data you supply them with. This is why we recommend supplying as much information as possible. This feasibility study will result in a technical proposition adapted to suit the demands of your design brief.

A department committed to research and development

At CLIPSO, we know that our future lies in our ability to design and develop new products. This is why our design office has set themselves the goal of focusing on innovative concepts. By taking inspiration from our clients as well as any changes to the markets and regulations, CLIPSO can provide you with a range of solutions for stretch fabrics installation. Our brand, SO AERO is the fruit of this labour.

Modelling your projects for enhanced visibility

It can sometimes be difficult to picture how a project will look once completed. To help you with this, our design office is capable of providing you with models of your project. By viewing our simulation of the project, you will be able to get to grips with the proportions of the structure to be installed.

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