The advantages of CLIPSO covers

Thanks to our experience and our understanding of the market needs, our range of products has evolved over the time in order to offer increasingly high performance stretch fabrics along with an unrivalled quality. Users’ feedbacks are a vital part of this progress; get in touch and tell us what you think about CLIPSO products.

ISO 9001 French manufacturingISO 9001 French manufacturing
At CLIPSO, we are proud to offer covers entirely made in our French facility/factory. Because of this entirely national dimension, we are in total control of the entire process, from design to manufacturing. ISO 9001 certification ensures all our fabrics are up to standard.

Wide covers up to 5.1mWide covers up to 5.1m
No more ugly connectors – because of the dimensions of the stretch fabric, whole walls can be covered using just one holder. Looking to cover a larger surface? No problem – just use double-joint installation. Create a stretch ceiling with two covers, without any visible connection.

Innovative ABS, ALU and PVC profilesInnovative ABS, ALU and PVC profiles
With our CLIPSO profiles, your ceiling will be compatible with a range of different shape combinations. We can also design your own bespoke chamber, eliminating any rearrangement issues and making life easier for both you and your installer. Contact CLIPSO to find out more!

Cold and dry installationCold and dry installation
With cold fitting, installation is quick and easy, and 100% environmentally-friendly. This system reduces dust, odours, disruption and energy consumption, while also eliminating any rearrangement issues, making life easier for both you and your fitter.

A perfect finish for impeccable resultsA perfect finish for impeccable results
During fitting, our installers pay special attention to the finish, ensuring that the profiles are as discreet as possible and that the connectors are invisible in order to give you high-quality walls and stretch ceilings.

Resistant covers, exceptional qualityResistant covers, exceptional quality
In order to guarantee the best stretch ceilings and walls, CLIPSO covers are put to the test. This includes their resistance being assessed by our staff, in accordance with the applicable standards, as part of our quality process.

Printable coversPrintable covers
In order to fully customise your design, stretch fabrics can be printed in our French workshop. Select from a range of CLIPSO images or choose your own!

Translucent coversTranslucent covers
By combining light with transparency, our translucent covers provide warmth and light, bringing your interiors to life. Wave goodbye to gloomy rooms!

Acoustic coversAcoustic covers
A room’s acoustics are an essential aspect when it comes to offering a positive visitor experience. Our acoustic solutions reduce noise pollution, giving rooms a more pleasant feel.

Antibacterial coversAntibacterial covers
In medical and public environments, there is always a risk of microbes spreading, but with our antibacterial ceilings and walls, that risk is reduced, making these covers ideal for swimming pools, doctors’ surgeries and even hospitals.

Stain-resistant coversStain-resistant covers
CLIPSO covers are capable of dealing with dampness and dirt, meaning they are suitable for use in specific environments such as kitchens, swimming pools or spas.

Environmentally-friendly coversEnvironmentally-friendly covers
CLIPSO covers are designed using a textile base. The raw materials used in the manufacturing process are all produced in Europe, thus limiting the environmental impact from a transport point of view. As far as possible, our stretch fabrics are sent folded in order to reduce their bulk during delivery. The manufacturing process itself is also environmentally-friendly, featuring a water recovery station and a process for recovering any waste or scrap. Cold and dry installation, both of which use relatively small amounts of energy and water, also play a part in this wider strategy. Lastly, all our covers are GREENGUARD Gold and A+ certified, ensuring that people’s health always comes first.

GREENGUARD certified covers
At CLIPSO, we are fully compliant with the requirements of the GREENGUARD Gold certification. Free from any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), CLIPSO stretch covers offer a safe environment, no matter the location.

A+ certified coversA+ certified covers
CLIPSO wall and ceiling stretch covers do not emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ensuring a clean and pollution-free environment. As such, they have been granted A+ certification and are fully compliant with the BREEAM standard.

CE certified productsCE certified products
CLIPSO stretch walls and ceilings have obtained CE marking, which has been mandatory for a number of years now in Europe and which authorises the free circulation of products within the European single market. Our covers comply with all applicable safety regulations.

Products designed for everyoneProducts designed for everyone
CLIPSO products are also designed for professionals operating in a range of fields, and we as a company make it a point of honour to respect and satisfy all requests, no matter their specifics or size.

Products suitable for all locationsProducts suitable for all locations
Whether a residential location or a public space, CLIPSO covers blend in with all surroundings, with a solution for every situation: acoustic, coloured, antibacterial, translucent…the list goes on.

The best value for moneyThe best value for money
CLIPSO offer superb value for money in order to make renovation accessible to everyone.

10 year factory manufacturer’s warranty10 year factory manufacturer’s warranty
At CLIPSO, we are so confident about the quality of our products and how satisfied you’ll be that all our stretch covers come with a 10-year warranty.

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