Cover-installation training giving you access to a range of benefits

Installing stretch covers requires extensive expertise on the part of the installer. For perfect installations, it is essential that installers follow an appropriate training course and that they acquire the skills they need to properly fit our products.

Only trained professionals have a chance of becoming CLIPSO approved or certified installers and ensuring their clients CLIPSO quality installation.
Before ordering any CLIPSO products, check first to make sure that the installer is in fact a CLIPSO approved professional. Visit the “Find an installer” page or fill in the contact form to find the closest accredited installer to you. For more information, simply contact CLIPSO.

What are the benefits of becoming an accredited installer?

Once you have completed the training course for fabric installation, you will be granted the status of “approved installer”, giving you a range of benefits.

Training benefits

  • Expertise: by learning to fit our fabrics, you will add to your knowledge base, meaning you will be able to offer your clients more possibilities thanks to your widened skillset.
  • Certification: at the end of the training process and after you have completed your first project, you will be presented with a certificate confirming your new skills and your new status as an “approved installer”.
  • Worldwide training: whether you live in France or anywhere else in the world, CLIPSO can offer you training in fitting stretch fabrics. In some cases, the training provider will come to you.
  • Enhanced client trust: being recommended by CLIPSO will give your clients added peace of mind, meaning they will be comfortable turning to you for solutions.

The benefits of fitting stretch covers

  • Fitting innovative covers: thanks to you, CLIPSO’s expertise continues to expand. We will contact you to ask you to test new covers in order to get your feedback. With a wide range of styles (CLIPSO, CLIPSO Design, SO AERO) and innovative features, you will be able to offer your clients advanced technical solutions.
  • Installing a world-renowned product: CLIPSO fabrics are known and respected worldwide and are marketed and fitted across the globe, with some used for prestigious locations.
  • You will be working with a manufacturer with full control over the process, from design to manufacturing, for their full range of covers. The concept is fully integrated: R&D, Design Office, Aluminium Workshop, Digital Printing.
  • CLIPSO personnel support: after training, you will have access to a range of documents (installation guides, price lists, product ranges, etc.) in addition to advice from the design office.

The benefits of working with us

  • Sharing contacts: requests for further information will be sent to the closest approved installer.
  • A brand communication network: at CLIPSO, we are constantly looking for ways to build our reputation and to ensure you reap the benefits. We will provide you with the support you need when it comes to graphic design, publishing web content and managing your Facebook page.
  • A dedicated MyCLIPSO Account: as an approved installer, you will have access to your very own MyCLIPSO account. This source of information is an extremely useful tool, giving you the support you need on a daily basis in addition to providing you with a vital source of photos in our extensive and varied library.

All of this is geared towards making your job easier each time you go to work. Training in fitting stretch walls and ceilings is an opportunity not to be missed if you want to build your business and to benefit from several decades’ worth of expertise. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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