Training for numerous benefits

The installation of stretch flooring requires the full expertise of the installer. To ensure that the installation goes without a hitch, it is important to follow a training course and acquire the required expertise.

Only trained professionals can claim the status of ‘CLIPSO approved installer’ and thus give their customers the benefit of the CLIPSO guarantee.
Before ordering CLIPSO products, make sure that the installer is a professional approved by the group. Fill in the form on the “Contact” page to find the approved installer nearest you.
For more information, please contact CLIPSO.

Why become an approved installer?

When you complete the flooring installation training course, you’re awarded the status of ‘approved installer’. This status has several advantages.

The advantages of training

  • You acquire know-how: you expand your knowledge and offer your customers more options thanks to your extended skills.
  • You receive a certificate: after the training process and the execution of your first projects, you receive a certificate confirming your new skills and you receive the status of ‘approved installer’.
  • You get training anywhere in the world: whether you’re in France or abroad, CLIPSO makes accessible training in the installation of stretch coverings. In some cases, the trainer comes to you.
  • Your expertise is recognised: recommended by CLIPSO, you benefit from legitimacy and your customers’ trust.

The advantages of installing stretch coverings

  • Installation of innovative coverings: CLIPSO’s know-how is constantly evolving to create ever more innovative products. Thanks to the different brands (SO DECO and SO AERO) and their technical characteristics, you can offer your customers advanced solutions.
  • Installation of a world-renowned product: CLIPSO coverings are known and recognised throughout the world. They’re sold and installed all over the world, and some of them are used in prestigious locations.
  • You work with a manufacturer who controls the entire process: CLIPSO is responsible for both the design and manufacture of its entire range of coverings. The group offers a fully integrated concept: R&D, design office, aluminium workshop and digital printing.
  • Support from the CLIPSO teams: after your training, you have access to documentation (installation guide, price lists and ranges etc.) and you receive advice from the design office.

The advantages of this partnership

  • Forwarding of contacts: enquiries are forwarded to the nearest approved installer.
  • Brand communication: CLIPSO is constantly working to develop its brand awareness and you benefit directly from the results. The group advises on the graphic charter, the writing of web content and the management of your Facebook page.
  • Creation of a dedicated MyCLIPSO account space: as an approved installer, you can benefit from a personal MyCLIPSO space. This source of information is a real support for you on a day-to-day basis and lets you show off your know-how thanks to a rich and varied library.

All these advantages make your everyday work easier. The training in the installation of stretch walls and ceilings is an opportunity not to be missed to develop your activity while taking advantage of sought-after expertise. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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