Opt for printed walls or ceilings to decorate your interiors

For two years now, CLIPSO’s expertise has been enriched through HD digital printing on extra-wide stretch fabrics. This new internally acquired skill means we are able to create beautiful printed walls and even illusion effect ceilings. A new CLIPSO site and department have been set up, dedicated to printing, ensuring you get the professional advice and support you need. Whether you want to change your style, copy a photo or make a unique creation of your own – look no further than our Design department.

Our high-quality services will help you succeed with your project

The focus of our Design department is to enable you to customise your interior spaces using printed fabrics. A cover transforms a room, creating a new atmosphere and bringing a personal touch to your decorations. Fitted to a wall, a ceiling, a partition, a panel or an aluminium shape, your printed stretch fabric will breathe new life into any interior space, whether professional or residential.

We offer a number of services to help you achieve the desired effect:

  • your choice of image printed, either from our CLIPSO collection or one of your own
  • optional simulation of your project
  • determining the right format
  • changing the colours

Customise your images in order to find an atmosphere that matches your identity

Every project is unique, whether to renovate or redesign an interior space, which means all details need to be taken into consideration, including the dimensions, whether or not there are windows/doors/air vents, etc. You must take the whole configuration of a room into consideration in order to adapt the pattern.

Your expectations are a vital part of this. They will determine the work to carry out on the image in order to obtain the desired effect. This will sometimes involve modifying the colours or changing the dimensions – at each stage of the process, our Design team will ensure that the quality of the image is retained.

Scan your own personal photos for a printed wall

With our high definition scanner, CLIPSO can digitise your personal photos. Once the image has been resized, it will then be ready for printing.

Visualise your projects with our project simulator

Sometimes It can be difficult to visualize the final outcome prior to fitting a printed cover. On request, our Design department can simulate your project from various different angles, enabling you to discover the rendered atmosphere with the visual. This will help you to creating and to giving you an idea of the magic of printing.

Prints for your communication needs

Your communication and publicity strategies need to stand out if you want to have an impact on key decision-makers and consumers. Through a variety of different means, including point of sales advertising, totems and signs, you can make your campaigns striking and attractive. And that’s where our printable covers come in.

Promotion panels in shops, stands at trade fairs… our covers can be designed however you want. For your publicity campaigns, CLIPSO have developed the Eventex range of fabrics. This innovative solution will allow you to obtain high-quality printing for all your visuals using an original support for your events.

Our Design department will support you when it comes to designing your project and making it a reality. They will provide you with a wide range of services aimed at simplifying your decision-making process. If you have a specific idea, just get in touch with CLIPSO. You can also consult our dedicated site to find out more and to view our collections of patterns and photos.

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