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Stand out from the crowd with our bespoke stands

Trade fairs, exhibitions and doors open days are all events giving you the chance to publicise your brand and your products, with the challenge being to find a way of standing out from the crowd. In order to do so, you need an original stand with an eye-catching design. To achieve this, CLIPSO will work with you, employing all of our expertise to stimulate your creativity in order to come up with a stand that matches your identity.

CLIPSO will design your own bespoke stand for all your events

For years now, we have employed our expertise when it comes to designing stands, creating publicity supports with sizes and shapes that suit you. It is on these structures that the fabric is then fitted. Benefit from all the characteristics of our CLIPSO products (acoustic, translucent, printable, cold-installation, built-in lights) combined with the ease of setting up and disassembling the stand itself.

CLIPSO will help you create somewhere to talk to potential clients, while ensuring it is also somewhere visitors will enjoy spending time. With CLIPSO, give your clients an experience they’ll never forget.

An area to test products, a corner with a screen for corporate videos, a space to welcome potential clients taking their details…the golden rule is to make sure your stand is user friendly.

Make the most of our years of experience when it comes to designing your stand

Designing a stand is no easy task, which is why CLIPSO offer you customised support, ensuring you are able to benefit from all our experience.

In 2011, CLIPSO pushed the boundaries of creation with an architectural stand made up of various different shapes. A stretch cover ceiling light was specially designed for the event, surrounded by suspended structures. Not far from there, a curved printed frame in the shape of a leaf helped create a cosy atmosphere for visitors.

Since then, CLIPSO has undertaken a considerable number of collaborative partnerships with creative companies, enabling us to identify new ways of designing our products. With CLIPSO, create a stand that will really stand out at your trade fair. Are you ready for the adventure?

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