All our CLIPSO stretch fabrics are made entirely in France

At a time of increasing globalisation, CLIPSO has made the choice to retain our production, coating and printing facilities in France. This decision gives us total control over the process for manufacturing our covers for ceilings and walls, meaning we are able to ensure the quality of our products. It is the only way to effectively monitor all our products and to ensure maximum responsiveness about with regards to our clients.

Why is it so important to CLIPSO for all our products to be manufactured in France?

French manufacturing, with expertise passed down from one generation to the next, is a mark of quality. This is particularly true for companies who manage the manufacturing and marketing of their products. By making the decision to keep all our sites in Alsace (France), CLIPSO has made the choice to ensure fully efficient and fully responsive manufacturing.

Keeping our sites local and the nature of our manufacturing processes also has an important environmental impact, as it results in shorter journeys and less need for transport. Savings on time, savings on energy, lower costs and quality control – what more would you expect?

All our CLIPSO stretch fabrics are made entirely in FranceAll our CLIPSO stretch fabrics are made entirely in FranceAll our CLIPSO stretch fabrics are made entirely in France

Did we mention CLIPSO’s unique expertise?

There is a range of advantages to keeping our manufacturing in France. Chief among these is that it means keeping CLIPSO’s expertise in France. By only choosing to work with skilled, reputable tradespeople, we ensure that CLIPSO’s expertise will endure. We are also keen to expand the expertise of our staff in order to continue to improve the products we offer. All our staff bring their skills to the table as we strive to develop our CLIPSO solutions.

French expertise is unique and provides significant benefit when it comes to manufacturing stretch fabrics. It deserves to be highlighted, which is another reason why we have decided to keep all our manufacturing in France.

French manufacturing for certified covers - is it possible?

Because CLIPSO is in full control over the design, manufacturing and marketing of our covers in France, the company was granted ISO 9001 certification. Delivered by the International Organization for Standardization, it governs the entire process, right through to the products themselves being sold. Their job is to assess the efforts taken to ensure companies offer the best possible levels of quality and traceability to their clients. It is also a reward for years of research, development and French manufacturing.

Proud of our history, CLIPSO is a living proof that France can be innovative, competitive, dynamic and modern. CLIPSO demonstrates this on a daily basis with our presence on the market in the USA, Russia and the rest of Europe. French manufacturing still has a number of prosperous years ahead.

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