Face dampness head-on with our stretch covers for damp environments

Damp environments (bathrooms, swimming pools, spas, etc.) are environments with specific demands. This is why CLIPSO has developed a range of fabrics capable of dealing with both dampness and mould, specifically designed for these sorts of locations. With CLIPSO, fear no more – we’ve got it under control.

Why choose our covers for swimming pools, spas and bathrooms?

Showers, baths, swimming pools and spas are all environments where the air is filled with moisture, which can lead to mould developing. Aware of the difficulties this can cause, we at CLIPSO have come up with a suitable solution.

What stretch covers can be used in damp environments?

As part of our wider aim to provide covers for all types of environment, CLIPSO has developed the Special range, which can be adapted for use in both professional and private spaces. This antifungal range, which is set to expand in early 2018, will help combat the spread of bacteria and mould, even in the dampest environments.

In order to get there, we have worked in close collaboration with Sanitized, a company that is specialised in treating antibacterial and anti-mould textiles. This allowed CLIPSO to develop a unique type of cover, thanks to the Sanitized treatment.

This range also boasts antibacterial properties, which act effectively to restrict the spread of bacteria, ensuring a healthy environment. Particularly suitable for use in medical environments, these covers are just as effective in damp environments.

Who are these specific covers aimed at?

These fabrics were designed for use in all environments and with all groups, with their main focus being public hygiene protection. As is the case with all our other ranges, this range is free from carcinogenic substances and volatile organic compounds.

Cold-fitted by one of our network of installers, whether on the wall or on the ceiling, as part of a renovation project or a new build, CLIPSO stretch covers are 100% customisable, allowing you to alter the dimensions or to create a chamber or a frame.
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