Let CLIPSO’s clients tell you what they think

Finding a manufacturer of stretch ceilings and walls can be difficult. This is why, CLIPSO wants to give you the chance to hear from individual and professional clients asked about the quality, the versatility and the simplicity of installation of CLIPSO stretch ceilings and walls.

Let CLIPSO’s clients tell you what they think

Client reviews

CLIPSO takes the views of its clients and potential clients extremely seriously, using them as a way to improve the products and services it offers. Because of this, CLIPSO is able to provide the very best when it comes to stretch ceilings and walls.
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Bernard Voisin, Research and Development Director, MCP Group

Modular Constructions

We were looking for a stretch ceiling solution suitable for timber-framed houses. CLIPSO’s ceiling, installed dry at ambient temperature, in addition to the material’s flexibility in following the size variations that occur in wooden structures, make it an ideal solution. The ceiling is quick and simple to use, and our assembly team finds it easy to install. We’re very satisfied with the service: the quality of follow-up, technical commitment and quick delivery. CLIPSO has a real determination to keep developing its products to meet our expectations as closely as possible, and that’s a very positive point for us. The result is perfect and offers a really long life!


Jérôme Mercier, owner of the Hôtel du Parc, Paris
Fabrice Antore, Architect

Hôtel du Parc - Paris

We chose the CLIPSO solutions to renovate and decorate the Hôtel du Parc’s bedrooms. We were delighted with the fact that they were installed cleanly and without noise, and were also pleased with the finish and stability of the colours.
In practical terms: 11 printed walls and 1 ceiling, i.e. approximately 90 m2, were installed in 2½ days by 2 people (sections - insulation - surfacing). We were able to let the 11 rooms concerned throughout the work period, which meant that the hotel suffered no downtime or financial loss.
The whole operation was totally positive. We were astonished and delighted with the end result, it’s simply magnificent!


Bernard Haupert

Hôtel Dina Morgabine Hermitage Réunion

CLIPSO seemed an obvious choice to us, as our central concern is the comfort of our guests! It’s a quick, simple solution that combines aesthetic and acoustic qualities and is totally customisable. CLIPSO offers a wide range of products that offer very positive features!
Installation was completed in a record time of 45 days, with minimum disturbance: the job was done cold, there were no smells or noise and the rooms were immediately ready for letting.


Mr. Lionel Besanger, B2R manager

Cité du Vin, Bordeaux

This very specific, non-standard project, which included 3D techniques, led us to choose CLIPSO products for their wide range of colours, which the client was pleased with.
The coloured sections matching the canvas also played a decisive role in the client’s choice, creating an overall harmony with the building’s fabulous wooden frame.
CLIPSO responded perfectly to all our requirements. As the work progressed, we made adjustments to our collaboration. The whole project was completed within the deadline and in line with the initial specifications.
All the firms can be proud of having completed one of Europe’s most eagerly-awaited construction projects.


Laurent Leviel

Restaurant Le Carré

From an aesthetic point of view, the CLIPSO acoustic canvas blended completely into the background. In terms of appearance, the ceiling is identical to the previous one: the same colour, but new and beautiful. It’s simple and contemporary, faithful to the Carré style.
We now have a meeting between the aesthetic and the effective. Before the canvas was installed, there was a deafening noise once we had more than 50 people, and we couldn’t hear each other. Now, it takes up to 90 or 100 people to create a slight hubbub…
As a result of the improved acoustics, our clients retain a pleasant memory of their visit and look to return. And it’s changed the day-to-day lives of all the restaurant staff. It’s much pleasanter to work in a place where the acoustics have been properly dealt with.


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