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Let CLIPSO surprises you with its range of stretch ceilings and walls

A French manufacturer of stretch fabrics for ceilings and walls, CLIPSO is the ideal partner when it comes to designing a space that matches your identity. The versatility and the technical characteristics of CLIPSO fabrics means they can be adapted to create an entirely bespoke space.
Whether you want to redesign a home, an office or a public space or renovate, decorate or create a unique shape of your own, CLIPSO has the right solutions for your projects, whatever your special requirements and demands. Available acoustic, printed, translucent, coloured or stain-proof, the possibilities are endless with CLIPSO stretch fabrics.
Indulge your imagination and explore the infinite possibilities available with our range of CLIPSO products.

CLIPSO® Advantages

Quick installation, clean, without nuisance or smells/odors

Through its experiences and thanks to its knowledge of market needs, CLIPSO has evolved its ranges and products to offer ever more efficient stretch fabrics, with undeniable trumps/strengths. To participate in these advances, the feedback of each user is highly valuable; do not hesitate to share your opinions and thoughts on CLIPSO products.

CLIPSO, an innovative concept for stretched ceilings and walls

From its conception, CLIPSO stretch fabrics have been designed to adapt to all types of places: professional spaces, public places, homes ... and all types of situation : new construction, renovation or decoration. This versatility is enriched daily, as new standards and creations are put in place.

CLIPSO products meet your challenges

In two decades, CLIPSO solutions have evolved constantly and continuously. Today, Clipso offers a complete range of fabrics : acoustic, translucent, color, specific ... a print can be added to all fabrics. For their implementation, patented and tested profiles have been developed...


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The result is perfect, and offers a great longevity!

M. Bernard Voisin, MCP Group R&D director

We were amazed and delighted with the final result, just simply beautiful!

Jérôme Mercier, owner of l’Hôtel du Parc, Paris

Evolving in a place where the acoustic is properly treated makes the daily work much more enjoyable!

Laurent Leviel, Director restaurant Le Carré

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