Multi-functional technical coverings suitable for all kinds of spaces

Do you want to build or renovate? Transform or enhance a space? CLIPSO offers a wide range of solutions for fitting out or renovating interior spaces. Its team will help you think over your project and carry it out by designing custom-made partitions, lightboxes and all other necessary shapes.

Organise your interior spaces with CLIPSO stretch covers

Why choose CLIPSO?

Whether for a new build or renovation, CLIPSO coverings are designed for both decorative purposes (colour matching, wall frames and translucent stretch ceilings etc.) and for completely reorganising (creation of partitions and insertion of spotlights etc.) your space.
Technical, functional and aesthetic, CLIPSO stretch fabrics are perfectly adapted to all kinds of establishments and facilities, from restaurants to receptions, seminar rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, spas, swimming pools, bars, lounges and stadiums etc.

Another advantage is the patented cold installation technique, enabling the quick, clean and trouble-free installation of the stretch ceilings and walls. This optimises the work schedule and limits downtime, even in occupied areas.

Stretch coverings for infinite possibilities

CLIPSO offers a comprehensive range of coverings, including standard, sparkly, acoustic, translucent and antibacterial. Its R&D department and design office are constantly developing various solutions for walls and ceilings in all types of spaces. The product range evolves according to trends and customer specifications.

Most CLIPSO coverings are printable and suitable for humid environments. These characteristics allow original and exceptional interiors to be created, the sky’s the limit!

Quality stretch fabrics made in France

CLIPSO coverings are coated at the site in the commune of Saint-Amarin (Haut-Rhin), ensuring perfect control of the product and production. The stretch fabrics are high-quality, resistant and manufactured in large widths of up to 5.10 m.

By designing and producing its products, CLIPSO can guarantee quality. The company also has the freedom to develop its products and their capacity to meet market needs and requirements. CLIPSO coverings can be adapted to any medium, including walls, ceilings and wall frames, partitions, and lightboxes...made to measure!

An all-in-one service for optimum results

CLIPSO ensures its products are installed to a high standard by training, in its premises in the commune of Vieux-Thann (Haut-Rhin), approved installers capable of carrying out your projects using the patented cold installation technique.

Its network of installers expands every year, enabling your projects to be carried out throughout France and the world. CLIPSO is involved from order taking to completion, through a network of qualified partners. In this way, the group meets your needs while offering you a comprehensive, high-quality service.

CLIPSO’s priority is to be responsive so that it can support you in your project. Its teams ensure that the best possible lead times are achieved.

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