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Reinvent your interior spaces with CLIPSO printed walls

Take design one step further than wallpaper or paint with customisable, original solutions. Looking for an innovative way to cover a wall? Time to go for a CLIPSO printed wall! Our stretch covers can be printed using the visual of your choice, sized to fit your dimensions.

Make the most of our fully customisable stretch covers

In order for our teams to be able to design the right type of cover, we must take into consideration all fitting aspects of a room, including windows, radiators, cornices and mouldings.

CLIPSO provides to its clients with a number of image libraries, including Shutterstock and the national museum network, to give you an extensive range of options. For an even more customised interior, select a high-resolution image from your own image library for a unique and totally customised result.

Next, you will need to choose the type of stretch fabric you want. Our acoustic fabrics provide better noise absorption, for example, while you also have the option of adding lights or selecting a backlighting option. Experience almost total customisation with our range of printed stretch walls.

Use our printed walls to renovate or decorate

Our printed stretch fabrics can be adapted to suit any requirements you may have. Starting with a high-quality image, anything is possible.

  • looking for an illusion effect with a landscape photo? Our Design department is there to give you the support you need
  • looking for a material effect? (leather, wood, bronze, etc.)?
  • looking to add a textured effect? Your image can be used with different designs, perspectives and shadows. These are the keys to breathing life into an object or room
  • looking for an optical illusion? With graphics available in black and white, it’s easy to create this type of effect. Depending on the visual you decide to go for, it will sometimes be possible to make out the hidden message or object, depending on where you are in the room

Once you have decided on your choice of visual, the printed cover can be adapted for use with all surfaces and all types of support. Whether public or private spaces, they are sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal and the modernity of any location.

Various professional and individual clients have already been won over by CLIPSO printed walls, used in their offices, bedrooms, showrooms and restaurants, with each of them drawing on their own aesthetic sensibilities in order to obtain the desired result.

Your wall before installation
The image to be printed on the cover
The result of your stretched printed wall
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