So Deco by Clipso

Add real style to your ceilings with CLIPSO

When it comes to your ceilings, customisation options are often limited and complicated to put into practise, which is enough to dissuade someone looking to redesign what is a key aspect of any room. CLIPSO will let your imagination run wild when it comes to your ceilings with our stylish, customisable and easy to install solutions.
With CLIPSO stretch covers, it’s never been so easy to decorate your ceilings.

Stylish ceilings - make the most of CLIPSO’s expertise

The very definition of design is to come up with a solution to a problem, bringing together a range of intellectual, multidisciplinary, creative and humanist ideas. What if your problem involves how to redesign the ceiling of a public or private place, with a health-conscious choice of cover? Our stretch ceiling fabrics will help you get there

Health-conscious covers for everyone

All our fabrics have been granted A+ certification and the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label, certificates which judge our emissions of volatile organic compounds into inside air and the presence of carcinogenic substances in the covers respectively. The fact we have these two certifications ensures a healthy environment for you.

Our creative covers help ideas to blossom

Creativity plays an essential role when it comes to offering stylish ceilings, allowing you to decide the dimensions, the shapes and the volumes and to select the right colours and patterns. Without creativity, there can be no style, which is why CLIPSO made the decision to set up SO AERO and SO DECO. With these two new brands, you can now design your own shapes and prints - combine style and motion to transform your ceiling.

Versatile covers designed using technical skills

Our stylish stretch fabrics draw on a range of skills. Our control over the design process means that CLIPSO is able to develop fabrics with remarkable characteristics: acoustics, translucent and many more besides. To find out more, check out the page showing our CLIPSO products.

Knowledge in the field of acoustics, architecture and engineering are all essential when it comes to making bespoke shapes. Backlit chambers, suspended frames – these structures demand bespoke design on the part of the design office and the R&D department.

Our stylish ceilings give a modern transformation to your spaces

Businesses want design products that reflect their values and their image. Whether it is in offices or showrooms, everything has to be carefully calculated and planned out, with the aim being to ensure that the image of the company shines through. What’s more, spaces should be attractive, both for the people working there and any visitors who might happen to stop by.

In homes, the only thing standing in the way of our stylish fabrics is the imagination of the home’s owners. Unlike with work places, there is no need to worry about working conditions or company image with this type of space – what matters most is that the fabrics match your tastes. You can choose a coloured stretch cover (red, orange, purple, etc.), a printed fabric, a false ceiling or a hanging shape – the choice is yours.

The magic of our stylish range of stretch ceilings is that they can be used anywhere. It’s up to you to bring them to life, through your creativity and your imagination. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing. To make your dreams reality, get in touch with CLIPSO today.

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