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Working together to design your bespoke chamber

A stylish and functional tool, CLIPSO’s chambers are used in restaurants, bars and shopping centres and can be fitted to the ground, walls and ceilings, bringing a touch of modernity that is often lacking in interior spaces.

Adopt the box for a visual formGive back the beautiful technique with the box!

CLIPSO chambers: the stylish, high-tech structures we’ve been waiting for

At CLIPSO, our design office is responsible for designing our chambers, taking all of the different technical constraints into consideration in order to design the right shape for you.

Our chambers can be adjusted to suit your needs and the features you want to give them:

  • acoustic: our chambers are decorated using acoustic covers. Used in conjunction with sound absorbent materials, they limit reverberations and effectively absorb noise
  • backlit: translucent covers are fitted to the chamber. Provided an appropriate lighting system has been put in place, this will give you the light effect you’ve been looking for
  • antibacterial: our antibacterial chambers are covered in an antibacterial stretch fabric and retain all their properties, even when used with aluminium structures
  • printed: you also have the option of going with a printed cover. These can be standard, acoustic or translucent, giving a personalised touch to your chamber

Various combinations are available (the type of fabric, the thickness of the chamber, the choice of visual, etc.).

CLIPSO chambers are suitable for use in all environments

Long before the brand was even launched (a brand which deals with aluminium shapes and frames), shops, sports centres, shopping centres and casinos had benefited from the versatility and functionality of our CLIPSO chambers. Today, this concept has been adapted for use in a range of different configurations: to light an optician’s shop, to direct customers in a casino, to help create the right atmosphere in a stadium, to help create a calming environment in a doctors’ surgery and to light up the living room of one of our individual clients.

Our chambers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, all of which can be adapted to your design brief, thus offering a complete solution for decorating and redesigning spaces in order to solve any technical issues. Whether public or private, professional or individual, damp environments or noisy environments, our CLIPSO products are ready for anything.

Whether printed or backlit, our chambers always achieve the desired effect, with their elegant shape sure to draw attention. Meanwhile, the acoustic comfort they provide, the control they enable over lighting and the stylish contribution they make all help create more attractive spaces, whatever the location. Our frames offer another excellent way to add an extra touch that combines refinement, modernity and simplicity. So, what are you waiting for?

SO AERO Creations

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