SO AERO - SO AeroSilent & Light

Combine acoustic performance and light in a single frame!

SO AeroSilent & Light is the result of two fields of expertise: acoustics and lighting. By combining techniques from both, you can obtain a frame which offers both acoustic absorption and a lighting system. This type of frame blends seamlessly in with your environment, offering both increased acoustic comfort and warm, comfortable light. 

Sauna, en Belgique. Murs imprimés lumineux.En Allemagne. Cadres suspendus rétroéclairés. Revêtement translucide. Solution lumineuse.

SO AeroSilent & Light frames, the perfect way to deck out your interior

With a translucent acoustic covering, you no longer need to choose between visual beauty and technical performance. This covering, when combined with a lighting solution and an absorbent material, gives you real comfort in your spaces. Acoustic translucent frames are perfect for conference rooms, offices, concert halls and even stadia.

Dalles lumineuses CLIPSO AeroSilent & LightVieux-Thann, en France. Cercle suspendu rétroéclairé. Revêtement translucide.


SO AERO Creations

  • University of South Carolina
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