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Bespoke redesigns made possible with CLIPSO partitions

Wave farewell to traditional, heavy and impractical partitions, thin walls with no soundproofing and static spaces and make room for a versatile and customisable solution with CLIPSO partitions. And our partitions won’t just add a touch of style to your space - they’re also mobile.

Bespoke redesigns made possible with CLIPSO partitionsBespoke redesigns made possible with CLIPSO partitions

Reinvent your interior spaces with our stylish, bespoke partitions

Partitions are interior design professionals’ best friends, used to create adjustable spaces. Their versatility means they can be customised depending on the dimensions, the volumes and your own requirements as well. We believe that the difficulties facing each individual environment are unique, which is why all our partitions are light and entirely bespoke.

CLIPSO’s design office will be on hand to design the right partition for you, taking the configuration of your room into consideration and working with you to provide you with exactly what you have been looking for.

And the customisation doesn’t stop there. We also offer a range of different technical characteristics, including acoustic, translucent or antibacterial. You also have the option of printing the stretch cover before it is fitted cold. In this instance, CLIPSO’s Design department will be on hand to give you the support you need. You choose your visual and our DESIGN department will print it before it’s fitted by an installer. It’s as simple as that!

Create your own partition with CLIPSO

CLIPSO partitions can be adapted to suit all your requirements. Whether they are fixed to permanently separate two spaces or mobile to divide an open space, our partitions provide a solution that is both stylish and practical for transforming your interior spaces..

These separating options open up a wide range of possibilities. Printed, they can be used to create privacy areas. Backlit, they can help create work areas. Antibacterial, they can be used in doctors’ surgeries. Anything is possible with CLIPSO partitions.

At CLIPSO, we work tirelessly to push the limits of our expertise and are currently working on innovative partitions which, in the future, will help you organise your spaces. All our new developments will lead to new products being introduced.

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