SO AERO - Arawn

Arawn, the collection of acoustic frames to sublimate your interior design!

Taking a step further into the future of interior design, the SO AERO range can now unveil a new product: ARAWN. This aluminium frame offers breathtakingly fluid contours and an impeccable design while ensuring excellent acoustic performance.

ARAWN fits discreetly into your interior.

Made from acoustic fleece fabric, the ARAWN frame combines technical prowess and elegance with a clean, stream-lined finish. This fully customisable solution can easily form the centrepiece of your interior.

Using 34mm sections, the ARAWN frame will slide easily into your interior design. Great care has been taken to produce this slim, elegant and ethereal design, allowing it to adapt to any environment.

ARAWN brings you acoustic comfort and lighting!

The ARAWN frame offers exceptional acoustic performance and the option to customise it to your needs. It is available in a range of different sizes, and can even incorporate a lighting solution.

ARAWN also sublimates the great spaces...

Thanks to its “cushioned” finish, the ARAWN frame provides the sensation of deep comfort while maintaining the chic, contemporary style prized by interior design professionals.

The bevelled sections enhance the impression of ethereal lightness. This is a highly competitive new product in the SO AERO range, designed to meet all of your expectations and suit your various constraints.

ARAWN allows for a unique look that corresponds to you.

The ARAWN frame can also be finished with a digital print design, ensuring that it fits naturally into your interior. Use your own visuals or images from the CLIPSO collection for a unique finish.

Both elegant and highly functional, the ARAWN frame offers optimal comfort and the opportunity to transform your interiors simply and effectively.

This new CLIPSO product is available as a wall-mounted frame or standalone unit, so it will be right at home in any space. What’s more, it is quick and easy to install, without any construction work or complex installations.

Just hang your ARAWN frame on the wall and enjoy the improved acoustics.

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