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Open yourself up to infinite possibilities with CLIPSO hanging frames!

Why limit yourself when you can have a completely tailor-made solution? With our design and manufacturing expertise, we can make almost any shape for you: circles, drops, waves, clouds… And personalisation doesn’t just stop at the sizes on offer. You also have a wide range of coverings, colours and visuals at your fingertips. Expand your horizons with SO AeroCustom!

Lounge, en Roumanie. Cadres muraux. Revêtement imprimé.Magasin, aux Pays-Bas. Forme arrondie. Revêtement standard imprimé.

What are the benefits of a custom frame?

With SO AeroCustom, you’re in total control: the shape, the size, the colour and the print. With these personalised frames, you can let your creativity run wild. And of course, with the personalised frame comes your personalised covering. We’ll give you the opportunity to print your logo or one of your photos onto the canvas stretched over the frame. You can also choose from a wide range of monochrome colour finishes for your panel (using the pantone colour code).

The advantage of SO AeroCustom frames is that they can be designed and produced to suit your needs. You can ask us for specific sizes to make the most of your interior. For example, we use this approach to produce wave-shaped frames to completely or partially cover the ceiling and curved dividing walls.

Hall, en Suisse. Cadre demi-cercle incurvé. Revêtement imprimé.Bureaux, aux Etats-Unis. Cadre rond. Revêtement translucide blanc.

Magasin, en Belgique. Caissons lumineux imprimés.Stade, aux Etats-Unis. Caissons rétro-éclairés imprimés. Revêtement imprimé.

Cadres suspendus plafond colorés AeroCustomThermes, en France. Cadres acoustiques. Revêtement acoustique.

Magasin, en France. Cadres acoustiques. Revêtement et absorbant acoustiques.Restaurant, en France. Cadres muraux rectangulaires. Revêtement imprimé.

Bureaux, en Belgique. Cloisons mobiles. Revêtement imprimé.Cadres nuage suspendus plafonds CLIPSO AeroCustom

SO AERO Creations

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