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Replace your lights with CLIPSO backlit frames

Bringing light into spaces and reinventing light is now possible thanks to our backlit frames. Depending on your needs, they can be modern, elegant, stylish, refined or original – a wide variety of styles goes hand in hand with our frames, allowing you to decorate any type of interior spaces. Our frames are sure to draw attention, fascinate and surprise, with all our designs bound to get people talking. Our backlit frames are unique to CLIPSO - see what they could do for you.

Design your own backlit frame

Our backlit frames provide a new way of bringing light into your interior spaces. Where they differ from conventional lights is that everything is bespoke, including the size, the choice of colours, the light intensity and the shape. Printed using your visual or the colour of your choice, the whole concept is transformed, giving you a design that matches your identity.

Our backlit frames are equally at home on walls as they are on ceilings, creating a welcoming, attractive environment, while the clever way in which they are positioned helps contribute to a pleasant ambiance. Whether architectural or completely futuristic, a set of suspended structures is sure to add texture to your room. See where your mood takes you – whatever your choice, it’s hard to resist.

Place your project in the hands of our design office

Faced with a growing demand for our various types of frames, we have set up our own design office to support you with your projects. At CLIPSO, we design frames in a variety of shapes, taking considerations such as space restrictions, technical constraints and the overall design brief into account. Lastly, we employ our own manufacturing teams to ensure you get the result you’re looking for.

These frames are designed for both professionals and individuals looking to restyle their ceilings or walls, with the purpose being not simply to decorate your surfaces but to offer an innovative new vision. Don’t restrict yourself to tapestries or paintings - add texture to your rooms with our backlit frames.

Whatever your needs or preferences, CLIPSO gives you the opportunity to customize your frames, leaving you with a unique product. You provide the creative spark, and we’ll make your dreams come true.

SO AERO Creations

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