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With backlit SO Aerolight frames, you can create the perfect mood lighting for your space!

Thanks to the SO AeroLight range, you’ll have full control of the lighting in your spaces. Using illuminated frames, hanging panels, backlit frames or even luminous panels, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Why not add a little personal touch with a printed translucent covering? The SO AeroLight concept can be used across your walls, ceilings, and even totem poles.

Showroom, au Pays-Bas. Cadre lumineux. Revêtement translucide imprimé.Caissons lumineux suspendus CLIPSO AeroLight

Brighten your interiors with an illuminated partition or a backlit panel

These backlit panels and illuminated partitions use different lighting systems according to your needs and the mood you’re looking for. We offer you the choice between tangential LEDs, modules or strip LEDs. Using these, you can change up the ambient lighting and power as much as you want.

Espace détente, au Pays-Bas. Dalles suspendues. Revêtement translucide et couleur. Intégration lumineuse.Habitation privée, en Bulgarie. Dalles lumineuses. Revêtement translucide blanc. Intégration de LED en périphérie.

Why should you choose an SO AeroLight backlit partition?

Our illuminated frames use the latest LED technology, ensuring that installation and maintenance is a breeze. Thanks to the combination of translucent canvas and LED systems, you’ll have the benefit of top quality technical performance. What’s more, the lighting is perfectly even across the hanging panel, so your space will bask in a regular, consistent glow of light.

One of the remarkable features of the SO AeroLight system is that it is fully modular. The canvas can be changed at any time according to your needs, the seasons or your communications strategy.

SO AERO Creations

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