So Deco by Clipso

Choose our customised stretch ceilings for total control over your design

How you choose to customise a stretch ceiling will reflect your creativity and your tastes, meaning that it’s essential to design an atmosphere that matches your identity. Printing, creating attractive shapes and the various technical characteristics of CLIPSO products will help you come up with the right ceiling cover for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get customising!

Our ceiling covers can be customised to suit you

Nowadays, customising your space is essential as a way of setting yourself apart and affirming your identity. CLIPSO can give you what you need to fully create your own stretch ceiling. This will involve:

  • the choice of fabric: we have developed six styles of stretch fabrics, with a range of different features (acoustic, translucent, antibacterial, coloured, standard, stain-resistant, sequined)
  • optional printing: you can select a printed ceiling using a photo of your choice. To find out more, consult SO DECO, our dedicated site for printed covers
  • creating the shape of the ceiling: CLIPSO sets up the brand So Aero to help you find the right shape for your ceiling

With all these means at your disposal, wave farewell to traditional ceilings and say hello to ceilings with illusory effects, backlit ceilings or light path ceilings – the possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination!

Customised ceilings: unrivalled performance for any room

There’s no doubt about it – the ceiling has a significant impact on the atmosphere of a given place. It adds light and can surprise visitors, putting a sparkle in their eyes and bringing the best out of interiors. The aesthetic design of a ceiling is not something that should be left to chance.

Stretch ceilings reflect the soul of a room. Backlit architectural shapes plunge rooms into a futuristic atmosphere while an acoustic oval frame can provide a way of reinventing acoustic solutions. Printed stretch ceilings with a sky pattern invite you to let your spirits soar. And these are just a few possibilities. Find out more in our “Projects” section.

During the process for creating your stretch ceiling, CLIPSO will be on hand to give you the support you need. We will put you in touch with the closest installer to you while our different departments will help you design and simulate your future ceiling. We will do everything necessary to support you in the creative process. So, what are you waiting for? Contact CLIPSO today.

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