So Deco by Clipso

Make the Great Masters part of your daily life

For lovers of classical works of art, CLIPSO Design offers an image collection made up of a selection of iconic paintings from the history of art, which can be printed on a CLIPSO solution. Leonardo da Vinci, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Jean-François Millet, Vincent Van Gogh… Great names in painting join CLIPSO Design to turn a home or public building into a representation of culture, beauty, technical sophistication and originality.


Discover the charms of this varied collection of images, and make the greatest artistic movements such as classicism, impressionism and mannerism part of your daily life. Printing is in large widths, up to 5.10 m, which means that you can cover whole walls or ceilings with paintings by Great Masters. The transformation is rapid and problem-free as the process is carried out at ambient temperature.

The elegant, distinctive painting reproductions available in the CLIPSO Design image collection combine aesthetic and technical qualities as a result of the many advantages offered by CLIPSO canvases. Acoustic or back-lit, CLIPSO solutions can be adapted to any location and need to provide the result that you’re looking for.
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