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A shopping mall renovation with CLIPSO Frames ! Project: Azrieli group shopping mall

Clipso invites you to discover its latest super project, managed by Art Cover, the local installation partner in Israel. Stretch ceilings were installed in the newly built shopping mall from Azrieli Group. The Azrieli Group owns 14 shopping malls in Israel. This project was designed and managed by architects David Azrieli Architects and Avner Sher Architects.

This project consists of larges triangular panels, which are intended to dress the ceiling of the mall. In total, more than 3,000 sqm have been installed in order to confer volume to the space and let the natural light flood the paths and public spaces.

The acoustic fabric (495D), coloured in white, was used to contribute to the luminosity but also mainly to optimising general acoustic from the building. Thanks to its micro-holes, the acoustic stretch fabric allows to reduce significantly sound nuisances. Moreover, a mall commonly uses already a lot of hard and solid surfaces, such as marble, tiles, glass or metal, where the many sound sources (music, voices, steps, escalators...) can reverberate on in an exponential manner. Thanks to the Clipso materials, the sound will be treated in a simple and efficient manner.

About the project 

Project Name: Shopping Mall of the group Azrieli
Design: David Azrieli Architects / Avner Sher Architects 
Fitter: ART COVER , Israel
City, Country : Israel
Products: Clipso 495D White over 3000 sqm Largest triangle: 70 m 
Completion time : 2 months for 2 persons

  • Des cadres triangulaires sont suspendus dans un centre commercial
  • Le centre commercial d’Azrieli utilise les revêtements CLIPSO
  • Le plafond tendu à froid a trouvé sa place dans le centre commercial
  • Solution innovante et esthétique, elle décore le centre commercial

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