SO CLASSIC - Classic ceilings

Dress your ceilings with our SO CLASSIC fabrics!

Are you looking for an innovative, neutral solution for your walls and ceilings? The SO CLASSIC range has the essentials you need.

Why choose a classic ceiling solution?

Whether you need a solution that adapts to your windows, posts, mouldings, ventilation outlets, stretched fabrics work beautifully with any interior design, layout or project! A neutral basic is just the solution you need - it’s endlessly forgiving, so you’ll never regret your choice.

Whether black or white, all you need to do is select a timeless shade for your ceiling. Once you’ve made your choice, the installer will send the reference to CLIPSO and production can begin (coated or printed, depending on the quantity).

Every solution is installed by a certified professional from the CLIPSO network, who will contact you once you provide your contact details. From advice and consulting to measurements, quotes and installation, this specialist will take you through your project from start to finish.

Once installed, you’ll have the full benefit of a stretched fabric ceiling with all the finishes you have come to expect. Just sit back and admire your new ceiling, while you think of how to decorate the rest of your interior!

Who is the classic ceiling covering for?

These stretched fabric solutions are ideal for all kinds of professional and private spaces. CLIPSO believes that each client should be able to take full advantage of all of our products. Whatever the size of your project, you are guaranteed the same high quality.

Classic ceilings for businesses

Standard stretch ceilings are a must. It replaces the old covering with a technical solution, while adding a touch of sparkle to the whole room. Your spaces will become that much more elegant.

Classic ceilings for individual clients

Our standard ceilings remain a firm favourite! Thanks to the sober, neutral tones, they won’t interfere with your interior design choices. What’s more, they can be quickly changed out, and are sturdy enough to stay in place for years and years. It has never been easier to install your lighting solutions (chandelier, spotlight, etc.) and other equipment (chimney duct, smoke detector, etc.).

The key advantage of the classic stretched fabric ceiling is its neutral finish. You’ll never get tired of it, and it will never clash. Indeed, it melts effortlessly into your décor and allows your ideas to take centre stage. It’s so fast and easy to install that you’ll be back at work (or leisure) in no time. But what if you can’t just shut down your business while your new ceiling is installed? The CLIPSO team will do everything possible to stay discreet and out of your way during the installation process. This is what we mean by CLIPSO efficiency!

SO CLASSIC Creations

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