SO CLASSIC - Classic walls

You’ll always make the right choice with the standard SO CLASSIC wall!

Renovation and new builds are the perfect opportunity to bring in a new solution and add a little elegance and grace to your interior. CLIPSO offers the standard solution you need for your interior. Our classic walls are immensely versatile, creating timeless spaces anywhere from public spaces to private homes.

Neutral shades for your walls

Choose classic, low-key tones for your walls and enjoy total freedom for your interior design. Even the brightest primary colours in reds, yellows and blues will sit easily against a perfectly neutral backdrop. However you want to decorate your space, these classic walls are the perfect canvas for your creativity.

Whether black or white, all you need to do is select the timeless shade for a truly elegant ceiling. CLIPSO will take care of the rest!

What’s more, we offer rapid installation too. We’ll only be in your space for a few hours - you don’t even need to clear out the furniture! Our installer will adapt to your space, keeping disruption to a minimum. Once the solution is installed, you can use your space immediately (no odours, no drying time).

These essentials are the perfect solution for any kind of wall

SO CLASSIC walls have the ability to transform and adapt to any environment, private or public, no matter how unique they may be. In restaurants, stretched fabric solutions replace traditional paintwork for a cleaner, more elegant finish.

In private houses, meanwhile, they are a vast improvement over traditional wallpaper. Choose CLIPSO coverings to bring a little elegance to your interior! Cover all or part of your walls, and let your creativity run wild. These solutions adapt to all of your existing fixtures: windows, pipes, radiators and everything else. We also recommend combining it with your standard insulation.

Our classic walls will melt into your décor within hours, with neither noise nor any other disruption. All you need to do now is choose the right standard wall covering for you!

SO CLASSIC Creations

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