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Our antibacterial ceilings are the perfect solution for damp or hygiene-sensitive environments

Not all ceilings are suitable for use in any environment. In hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, for example, there are various hygiene standards that have to be taken into consideration and these demands often apply to beauty establishments and spas. Finding a ceiling fabric that ticks all these boxes is not easy, especially if you are looking for something stylish. This is why CLIPSO has developed its own product, an antibacterial stretch fabric.

Our covers can be fitted to ceilings in medical environments

CLIPSO has developed this particular stretch fabric for use in hospitals and other medical establishments, with the main requirement being to limit the spread of microbes while providing a stylish solution. After a number of tests and a great deal of research, we got the results we were looking for and ever since, countless establishments have got in touch with us to use this fabric, won over by its health-conscious appeal. Our antibacterial ceilings were granted A+ certification and Oeko-Tex labelling, providing a guarantee that they don’t emit any volatile organic compounds into inside air or any carcinogenic substances.

Antibacterial fabrics are largely hassle-free to fit, allowing medical personnel to continue with their vital work. 

Antibacterial fabrics, a sustainable solution for health professionals

Medical establishments and hospitals having to accommodate patients in a healthy environment are the main environments who require this type of cover, meaning they were the first to order these ceilings for their waiting rooms and examination rooms. What’s more, it’s easy to incorporate lights there, helping contribute to a calming environment.

Infirmaries also into contact with microbes often require antibacterial ceilings as well. By taking the necessary precautions when it comes to renovating or building these types of establishments, these medical buildings will benefit from a more suitable environment thanks to our antibacterial ceilings, helping to combat the spread of microbes and mould.

We know that it’s possible to design attractive and welcoming spaces, even in hospitals! Want proof? Just take a look at our antibacterial fabrics, which can be adapted for use with all shapes of room and all ceilings, and can even be fitted to walls, all the while contributing to the best possible care conditions for your patients.

Discover more about the SO CLEAN range by downloading the documentation here 

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