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See life in colour with our range of coloured walls

Renovation and construction projects are an opportunity to bring a decorative touch to an interior space using an innovative solution. CLIPSO offers the touch of colour your interiors were lacking, with coloured walls suitable for use in both public spaces and homes in order to design welcoming spaces.

A full colour chart and even more for your coloured wall

Adding colour is an essential part of designing an interior space. A hint of red can awaken passions, a touch of blue can stimulate dreams, while a drop of yellow will brighten your spirits. Whatever colour you choose, it is bound to provoke various emotions and reactions.

In order to adapt to the tastes of each individual client, CLIPSO has developed a range of coloured stretch fabrics. Whether pastel or bright, there’s something for everyone, no matter their tastes or requirements. You can also request the colour of your choice by sending us the Pantone reference for that colour and CLIPSO will take care of the rest.

Another advantage of coloured covers is the range of technical characteristics they offer. You can make it acoustic for enhanced comfort or backlit for an appealing end product - anything is possible.

Then there’s the speed of installation. Your room will only be occupied for a few hours, meaning there’ll be no need for you to rearrange the furniture. The installer will adjust to your layout, ensuring as little disruption as possible is caused to your business. Once installation is complete, the space will immediately be available for use.

Colours suitable for use with all walls

Our coloured walls can be transformed, making them suitable for use in all environments - whether private or public - with specific needs. In restaurants, our stretch covers can be used to replace paint, giving you a cleaner finish and one closer to the desired effect. In hospitals, meanwhile, textile fabrics will help create a comfortable environment where patients will feel at ease.

At home, wave goodbye to boring old wallpaper. Choose CLIPSO covers to bring some colour into your kitchen, your bedrooms or your dining room. Fitted to either part or all of a wall, it will transform the entire look of a room, with all equipment taken into consideration at the time of fitting, including windows, pipes and radiators. We also recommend using conventional insulation solutions.

Our coloured walls will give a boost to a room in just a few hours, without causing any disruption or disturbances. Choose from between nearly 50 different colours from our colour chart or why not choose your own bespoke colour? Take the time to choose the right cover for you.

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