SO LIGHT - Backlit ceilings

Light up your interiors with our backlit ceilings

Having trouble adapting traditional lights (spotlights, hanging lights, ceiling lights) to the concept you have for your room? With our backlit ceilings, you can combine an attractive cover with discreet lights to create a warm and bright atmosphere.

Backlit ceilings: an innovative, solution that’s not to be missed

Backlit ceilings involve combining CLIPSO fabrics and high-performance LED lighting solutions. More often, translucent fabrics are used to ensure light filters through, which can be either printed or white.

LED lights, which are fitted behind the fabric, are ingeniously designed in order to be invisible while functioning and to meet your requirements in terms of light intensity. If you are looking for a printed fabric, lighting can also be used to highlight certain aspects. The light solutions CLIPSO offer are always bespoke, meaning they can be adapted to suit your requirements and the layout of your room.

Our backlit ceilings: a lighting solution for everyone

In businesses, hotels or shopping centres, light is often one aspect that is difficult to get right. Spaces are closed-off, with few or no windows present, meaning an adapted solution has to be found. Our backlit ceilings provide one way of doing this.

Opting for lights lets you use a range of effects depending on the location, whether it’s a mellow atmosphere for a lounge bar, a welcoming atmosphere for a reception area or a relaxing atmosphere for spas and swimming pools. It’s all a question of subtlety and making the right choice.

Homes are no exception. Living rooms become bright and welcoming, dining rooms morph into sophisticated, elegant spaces and bedrooms are transformed into havens of peace. By taking a fresh approach to lighting with our backlit ceilings, you can create a totally new atmosphere for each room, fully adapted to how you use it. Just one element is enough to completely change the atmosphere. Need proof? Just look at our solutions.

Our backlit ceiling fabrics are also highly versatile, meaning they can be used as an effective way to replace traditional lights that is more in keeping with your décor, while bringing out the room’s full potential. Get in touch with CLIPSO to find out more.

Find out more about the SO LIGHT range by downloading the documentation here

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