SO LIGHT - Starlit ceilings

You’ll have stars in your eyes with CLIPSO’s range of fibre optic starlit stretch ceilings

There are certain atmospheres where the illusion is simple yet striking. In bedrooms, spas and museums, the charm of our “starlit” ceilings work perfectly.

Our “starlit” ceilings take just a few hours to install

Who can honestly say they’ve never been fascinated by starry skies or milky way ceilings? Why not bring the sky into your home? That’s the crazy idea we’ve come up with at CLIPSO!

In order to create our starlit ceilings, the fabric has to be made porous in order to allow fibre optics to be inserted. 

Our “starlit” ceilings are ideal for all spaces

Our ceilings are suitable for professional spaces as interiors belonging to individual clients. In children’s bedrooms, for example, our covers are a way of transporting children to the realm of dreams. Mesmerised by the ceiling, they will soon be off to The Land of Nod.

In a relaxation environment such as a spa or a beauty establishment, our “starlit” fabric will help clients unwind, with the gentle atmosphere and lighting providing the perfect backdrop.

Our starlit ceilings can also be fitted at trade fairs, cinemas or shops – it’s up to you to decide how you want to use them.
Take a look at the customer review section of the CLIPSO website for more details.

Find out more about the SO LIGHT range by downloading the documentation here

SO LIGHT Creations

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