SO SPECIFIC - Shimmering fabrics

Bring some sparkle into your interiors with SO SPECIFIC fabrics!

Are you looking for a covering with exquisite finishes and excellent visual appeal? Then the SO SPECIFIC range is right up your street. It features a range of shimmering fabrics which can adapt to any type of wall or ceiling, giving you a touch of glamour.

Bring a little sparkle into your life

SO SPECIFIC coverings are available in diamond grey or silver white. The trendy glitter finish on these fabrics is sure to make an impact. From homes and offices to business, hotels and restaurants, the SO SPECIFIC will make a statement. It’s time to think outside the box!

Do you want to bring some real personality to your walls and ceilings? Then wait no more! Our SO SPECIFIC fabric solutions can adapt to any layout and any interior design project, whether a renovation or a new build.

Réinventez les stands avec un revêtement polyvalent !Créez des stands design et innovants avec notre collaboration

Bring a touch of magic into your interior, quickly and easily

With SO SPECIFIC fabrics, you are guaranteed fast and effective installation. In only a few hours, a professional CLIPSO installer will have your fabrics installed - even if the space is still in use. We pull out all the stops to keep disruption to a minimum. Once the solution is installed, you can use your space immediately (no odours, no drying time).

This effective, simple and environmentally-friendly custom solution is the ideal way to bring some magic into your interiors. Whether you want a princess bedroom for your little girl, an impressive lobby for your hotel or an elegant office, the SO SPECIFIC range is here for you.


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