Ensuring a good learning environment in nurseries

Nurseries are an essential space for children, where they spend several hours a day learning, having fun, developing and growing. They’re lively places, punctuated by bursts of laughter, cries and sometimes sadness. To prevent these everyday sounds from becoming a nuisance, it is important to work on the acoustics. This should ideally be thought about at the design stage of the nursery. However, thanks to CLIPSO, this problem can also be tackled when renovating your premises.

Much more than a simple covering, the CLIPSO acoustic stretch fabric combines an absorbent with a covering. The aim? To absorb and reduce the reverberation of noises to provide a setting which is conducive to children’s development. Noise pollution is a thing of the past! With CLIPSO, you can provide a good environment for your little ones to develop and learn in.

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