Turn your creche into an acoustic environment that’s conducive to learning

Creches can be thought of as playing fields for young children. They spend several hours a day there, learning, playing, growing and developing. Surrounded by a team of professionals, children’s days are made up of laughter, noise and, sometimes, tears. In order to avoid these daily sounds becoming a nuisance, the acoustics of the space are an essential aspect to consider. The ideal solution is for this to be taken into consideration when the creche is being designed. However, CLIPSO fabrics make it possible to get to grips with this issue, such as when premises are being renovated, for example.

Much more than just a simple cover, our acoustic solution combines an absorbent material with the cover itself. The aim? To ensure absorption and to reduce noise reverberation in order to provide children with an environment conducive to them blossoming. Noise pollution will be a thing of the past, creating an environment that’s conducive to stimulation and learning for children.

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