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Completely revamped, the COSMO offers an interstellar journey to its guests

A mythical place of Clermont-Ferrand’s nights, the former BBox nightclub has been refurbished into a multi-ambient space that includes an elegant and festive restaurant and a space where DJ nights, dancefloor and concerts are organized. This spectacular and celestial metamorphosis was created by the architect Hervé Porte, who has paid a particular attention to the ceiling, a monumental and central element of the restaurant.

SO ACOUSTIC & LIGHT by CLIPSO® in XXL frames, printed and backlit!

Welcome to COSMO!

CLIPSO® was able to meet his expectations in terms of acoustic and aesthetic improvement by installing XXL size frames, printed and backlit. The result is 500 m2 of real acoustic performance in a completely revamped space.

In this transformation, the ceiling plays a major role as much for acoustic reasons as for its capacity to create intimate and optimal listening environments.

A set of 20 frames with 4 different configurations!

For this project, 20 frames in 4 different configurations, ranging in size from 1.5 x 2.4 meters to 2 x 5 meters, were installed without joints, seams or welding. A CLIPSO® product advantage, as it specialises in large-width production (5.10 m in one piece).

20 frames in 4 different configurations

Lowered by almost two meters, the ceiling of the restaurant area has been completely reorganized with XXL acoustic frames. Custom made, the 18 structures in 140 mm thick aluminum profiles were manufactured by the Alsatian company.

Combined with a translucent protective fabric, the CLIPSO’s SO ACOUSTIC & LIGHT made it possible to achieve a high level of acoustic performance conducive to moments of intimacy. The installation of curtains in this new organisation, which can now be separated, also helps to ensure confidentiality.

18 aluminium profile structures with a 140 mm thickness

Like a circular orbit, the huge fabric covered frames, of which the largest measures 50 m2 in one single piece, decorate the ceiling with a pattern in the image of the universe, the cosmos... A celestial vault realized in digital printing and backlit by rails of RGB leds placed behind the protective fabric. The fabric comes to life, changing color and brightness according to the time of day but also to a playlist developed by Hervé Porte, each track being associated with a color that permanently modulates the atmosphere.

The installation was carried out by Plafond 9 création, a CLIPSO® partner for many years. The company demonstrated its perfect mastery of CLIPSO® products during the installation, which was installed by 3 people in 24 days on site. A conclusive result, which brought total satisfaction to both the architect Hervé Porte and his client.

Project: Cosmo Restaurant & much more ! • Clermont-Ferrand • France
Architect: Hervé Porte
Installer: Plafond 9 création
Photo credit: Louise Porte

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