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CLIPSO goes back to school! Project : Haberdasher School Askes Boys School – United Kingdom

Within the scope of a planning and renovation project in a school, the architect wanted to bring a real acoustic improvement while enjoying a personalized and design solution.

CLIPSO has met all these requirements thanks to its acoustic frames of different diameters.
The installation done by professionals and the shapes fixed on differents levels put the modernity and sobriety touch to this place, in perfect harmony with the client desire.

About the project

Project Name: Haberdasher Askes Boys School
Prime contractor: Jerram Falkus Construction
Architect: BH&M Architects
Fitter: Quietwall
Distributor: Acoustic GRG Products Ltd
City, Country: UK
Products: 35 ring acoustic frames – suspended – different diameters: from 2,00 to 5,00 m
Completion time: 2 weeks

  • Un nuage de cadres suspendus est installé au plafond
  • Des cadres ronds suspendus au plafond
  • Des cadres acoustiques au plafond

CLIPSO® creations & inspirations

  • Clipso - Merveilles - CD 1735 Pyramide
  • Clipso - PC Crépuscule 02
  • CD 1832 Oiseaux
  • Clipso - TM Himachal 1
  • Clipso - Effets de Matières - CD 1825
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