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Light through material!

In Copenhagen in Denmark, offices and meeting rooms have been fitted with backlit translucent white ceilings from the SO LIGHT range.

The entirely custom-made translucent part (covering 308T) was made and supplied by CLIPSO. It is fastened onto CLIPSO profiles, fastened in turn onto sheets of transparent plexiglas and suspended from the concrete ceiling.

Warm and elegant light

Controlling the diffusion of light

Individual suspended lights pass through rectangular openings in the CLIPSO profiles to provide intense direct lighting. For the ambient lighting, strips of LEDS concealed in the aluminium profiles shed an even, warm and elegant light across the remaining surface of the ceiling. The central, non-translucent part of the ceiling containing the ventilation and sprinklers was supplied directly by the main contractor.

A series of 20 frames with 4 different configurations!

For this installation, 20 frames in 4 different configurations and in sizes varying from 1.5 x 2.4 metres to 2 x 5 metres were used, for a final result entirely free of joins, seams and welds: a specific product benefit from CLIPSO, which specialises in very wide panels (5.10 m spans in one piece).

A four-pins alignment!

Another CLIPSO advantage is dry installation at room temperature (no odours, no drying time, very little dust or waste), guaranteeing a room ready for use and looking great in next to no time. A process perfectly suited to occupied spaces such as offices. These impressively large lit ceilings are elegant and functional and have enabled the ceiling height to be adjusted whilst creating a more attractive workspace - precisely the client’s desired effect!

The installers, RALBO, ideally completed the job with their meticulous assembly.


Project: Offices and meeting rooms - Copenhagen - Denmark
Installer: RALBO


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CLIPSO® creations & inspirations

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