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SO ACOUSTIC by CLIPSO takes up the ecological challenge in Nanterre!

Located in Nanterre, just few steps from La Défense, Origine is a mixed-use tertiary project with innovative architecture, a connected and eco-responsible building inspired by nature and its benefits. This urban block, which covers almost 70,000 m2, was won by the architectural agencies Maud Caubet Architectes and Quadri Flore Architecture, which called on the expertise of the CLIPSO company.

« Origine » - Bioclimatic office building

8,000 m2 of acoustic performance

The result is 8,000 m2 of acoustic performance combined with large-format prints and multiple technical integrations. CLIPSO also designed the volutes of the central staircase, a wink to the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Finally, the French manufacturer’s labels and its commitment to environmental protection convinced all those involved in this large-scale project!

Create a warm and friendly atmosphere

Quality and design closely linked to the building concept

Nearly 8,000 m2 of acoustic fabric was installed in the reception area, rest areas and company restaurants, as well as in certain traffic areas. Combined with fleece of different thicknesses, CLIPSO’s SO ACOUSTIC solution made it possible to achieve an NRC of up to 1.

To create a warm and friendly atmosphere, especially in the meeting and rest areas, large-scale visuals were printed on the wall coverings. In giant format, the plant patterns on a coloured background echo the environmental concerns of its designers. For the ceilings, the SO ACOUSTIC stretched fabrics made it possible to carefully integrate all the technical components such as the air conditioning and sprinklers, as well as various types of lighting fixtures, suspended lights, strip lights, spotlights, etc.

Another CLIPSO® advantage

Dry application at room temperature (no odours, no drying time, very little dust and waste), which means that the premises can be made available quickly for a perfect result. A process that is particularly suitable for occupied areas, such as offices. Elegant and functional, the large lighted ceilings made it possible to adjust the ceiling height while embellishing the workspaces, an effect sought by the client!

Application at room temperature and dry

Certified A+ and GreenGuard Gold 2018

Respect for the environment - CLIPSO has strong arguments!

Certified A+ and GreenGuard Gold 2018, CLIPSO technical solutions meet environmental requirements with convincing arguments.

For the same treated surface, the SO ACOUSTIC fabric weighs only 240 g/m2 compared to a monoacoustic product which can weigh up to 6kg/m2. Cut to measure and delivered folded, the CLIPSO covering takes up a minimum of space compared to predefined size plasterboard.
These technical characteristics, combined with on-site manufacturing in Alsace, have a direct impact on packaging and transport, resulting in a real reduction in the carbon footprint.

Another advantage is that the installation at dry and room temperature allowed a quick and clean intervention with a minimum of inconvenience.

A successful result and satisfied actors

The efficient and careful implementation was carried out by AUGAGNEUR-PMG, a CLIPSO’s reference partner. REFLEX, the network’s approved installer, also took care of some of the installations. Both companies were able to carry out the entire installation of the coverings, both the printed ceilings and walls, with serious and professionalism. The work was carried out within approximately 8 weeks by a team of 8 to 10 people on site.

The aesthetic appearance of the product and the printed visuals, the acoustic performance, and the quick installation process have brought a total satisfaction to all the players and stakeholders as well as to BATEG, a subsidiary of Vinci Construction France and specialist in large-scale projects.

Architectural agencies: Maud Caubet Architectes et Quadri Flore Architecture
Implementation and installation: AUGAGNEUR-PMG - France / REFLEX - France

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CLIPSO® creations & inspirations

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